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Yahoo's Missed Opportunity with iOS 8 Weather Hints at Uncertain Future in Stocks App

iOS 8 will include a revamped Weather app with data provided by the Weather Channel instead of Yahoo, which previously powered Apple's weather app for years. This switchover of weather services allegedly was masterminded by former Yahoo board member and Weather Channel CEO David Kenny after he assumed his leadership role at the weather information company last year, reports Re/Code.

Kenny allegedly negotiated a deal with Apple that cut Yahoo out of the loop that provided weather data for iOS. In earlier iOS versions, Yahoo was the provider linked in the Weather app, but the actual meteorological data came from the Weather Channel. Kenny lured Apple away from Yahoo by offering a sweeter deal that included additional technology and more robust weather information than was made available to Yahoo. As a result, the Weather app in iOS 8 now includes a nine-day weather forecast, up from five days in iOS 7, details such as sunrise/sunset times and a new "Today" weather summary located at the bottom of the app.

Though Yahoo reportedly was in talks with Apple about featuring Yahoo services more prominently in iOS, the internet company didn't realize the Weather Channel was making a power play for iOS, and let this high-profile deal slip away.
“Yahoo had been renting ocean-front property for years and did not realize the lease was up, and the Weather Channel slipped right in and took it,” said a Yahoo exec, who said the company acted too late to save the deal. “It’s a high-profile loss.”
This provider change is a big blow to Yahoo, which as recently as April wanted to increase its role in iOS by making Yahoo the default search engine on iOS.

Apple's decision to drop Yahoo as it weather source also calls into question the search company's future involvement in the iOS Stocks app. Similar to earlier versions of the Weather app, the iOS Stocks app pulls its stock information from Yahoo Finance. Though not confirmed, some believe Apple could choose Bloomberg, CNBC or Reuters over Yahoo for its stock data in future versions of iOS 8.

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13 weeks ago
Still shocked that the weather app icon can't be made active (like clock) and display the current temp.
Rating: 12 Votes
13 weeks ago
That stock app is just wasted space anyways.
Rating: 11 Votes
13 weeks ago
As much nicer as this info is, I still side with those that feel they should dump the built in app all together and let us download what we want to use ourselves. Especially now that apps can create their own widgets so if we want the forecast summary in our Notification Center we can add it
Rating: 10 Votes
13 weeks ago
What do people still use Yahoo! for? Serious question. I am ignorant in this respect...
Rating: 8 Votes
13 weeks ago
as long as we get something better than "Today's high will be" I'm happy, sometimes i need to know what the temp is Right Now not 5 hours from now.

Edit* I'm talking about the iPad btw, I use an iPad Mini as a cellphone.
Rating: 7 Votes
13 weeks ago

... iOS 8 will include a revamped Weather app with data provided by the Weather Channel instead of Yahoo ...

Weather Channel guy: It’s a high-profile loss.

Yahoo: FML!

Apple: [ crickets ... ]

iOS 8 users: [ crickets ... ]
Rating: 6 Votes
13 weeks ago
There's a Stocks app?

Rating: 4 Votes
13 weeks ago
Pretty sure sunrise and sunset times were already there.
Rating: 4 Votes
13 weeks ago
Sort of sad in the sense that the Weather Channel is a sorry business, as easily seen by watching their programming for a little while. Hyperbole and a bunch of non-weather garbage, along with trying to make any weather event scary so you'll feel the need to keep watching to stay safe. However ultimately it doesn't really matter who the "provider" is since everyone gets their raw data from the same weather stations.

As for this comment in the article "Apple's decision to drop Yahoo as it weather source also calls into question the search company's future involvement in the iOS Stocks app." there's no reason to think there' any linkgage between the two. I'm sure Apple will negotate for the best deal for the stocks app among everyone capable who's interested without caring what they did or didn't have for weather.
Rating: 4 Votes
13 weeks ago
Love all the "Stock app is worthless" comments. I have a thought, maybe it's useful for, I dunno, people who invest in stocks? Just a guess. Might be going out on too much of a limb with that. Needless to say, I use the app daily, and while it certainly does contain room for improvement all in all it gives a pretty good glance at what is going on in the markets.

Flickr is my main Yahoo usage though. Flickr is well done, and despite all the noise that photographers make any time they change something, it's overall very well run IMO. Their agreement with Getty images gave me another side hobby that makes money, so I'll be forever grateful. Although with that said, they let THAT agreement expire too!
Rating: 3 Votes

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