Apple Again Blocks Older Versions of Java Over Vulnerability

javaApple has again remotely blocked some versions of Oracle's Java browser plugin because of vulnerabilities according to 9to5Mac.

The blockage, which was announced internally to AppleCare and Apple Retail employees, is because of an "unspecified vulnerability" and Apple has blocked Java 6 versions below update 51, and Java 7 versions below update 25.

At the beginning of this year, Apple blocked Java plug-ins in Safari several times because of unfixed vulnerabilities. Oracle has typically updated Java fairly quickly to remedy the vulnerabilities.

Users are strongly advised to ensure they have the latest versions of Java.

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45 months ago
Larry, get your act togetherÂ…..instead of worrying about Apple's future.
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45 months ago
VirtualBox + Ubuntu = Free Java environment.
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44 months ago

I'm sorry if you were offended by a figure of speech, but that isn't the point. By your post, it seemed that you were blaming Apple for the vulnerability, yet Apple is not Oracle, so there wasn't a single thing Apple could have done to prevent this.

Apple did what they could do in this case by blocking the older, more vulnerable versions.

Apple lags behind Oracle official releases....That is a fact and a decision by Apple....No figure of speech or fanboyness....

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