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First Pre-Orders of LTE iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad Models Arriving in U.S.

In line with tracking information, a number of U.S. customers who pre-ordered LTE models of the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad have either already received their shipments this morning or are seeing their packages out for delivery.

Verizon iPad mini delivered (Thanks, Joshua)

Our forums are beginning to fill with reports of iPad minis being delivered, while we're also starting to see reports of fourth-generation iPads arriving.

Apple has yet to announce when it will begin selling the LTE iPad mini and iPad models in stores, although stocks of at least the full-size iPad models have reportedly arrived at the company's stores and we had previously heard that AT&T was planning to begin selling the devices this Friday, November 16.

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28 months ago
I can tell the difference and I just don't care. I like the iPad mini and that's good enough for me.
Rating: 6 Votes
28 months ago
that black/slate model looks damn good!
Rating: 5 Votes
28 months ago
That’s the problem with looking at spec sheets and drawing conclusions. I’m looking at a 3GS here and a mini right now, to suggest the screens are even remotely comparable is laughable.
Rating: 3 Votes
28 months ago
Rating: 3 Votes
28 months ago
The antenna bar looks great on a black iPad mini. Maybe they should introduce black/slate iPad (full size)
Rating: 2 Votes
28 months ago
I love that iPad Mini!

It's the perfect size (fits in my jacket pocket) and so light.

But I'm not going to buy one until it's got the Retina display (sigh).

In the meantime I'll hopefully be enjoying my iPad 4 due to arrive any day now... (Snoopy Dance!).

Rating: 2 Votes
28 months ago
iTunes 11?:confused:
Rating: 2 Votes
28 months ago
How about the fact that the iPad 2 did not have a retina screen and it came out after the iPhone 4. And this all happened on Steve's watch. If Apple could have made an iPad mini with retina that was super thin and light, had 10+ hour battery life and they could sell it for $329 they would have. There are trade offs when designing things, and Apple chose thin and light and battery life over retina. And all apps working just as they do on the larger iPads.
Rating: 2 Votes
28 months ago
Say what you will, but after owning every iPad that has been brought to market, the Mini is by far my favorite. The size alone makes the original iPad seemed out dated.
Rating: 2 Votes
27 months ago

In Canada, we're still at "Processing order" even if we pre ordered it on October 26th at 3AM... shows ipad with LTE will be available in 3-6 business days. If it's true, many Canadians will have news next week.

An example from their website, Apple iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi + Cellular - 32 GB - 4th generation - White

Warehouse Location Available Quantity Incoming
Vancouver, BC 0 42
Guelph, ON 0 21
Calgary, AB 0 42
Richmond, BC 0 10
Toronto, ON 0 65
TOTAL 0 180

Availability: 3-6 business days
Rating: 1 Votes

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