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Tim Cook at D10: "We're going to double down on secrecy on products."

Image from AllThingsD

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher spent time interviewing Apple CEO Tim Cook tonight on a range of topics. The interview took place at the All Things D conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. We have a full transcript of the interview available.

When asked about what Cook has changed at Apple, he discusses that he plans on doubling down on secrecy on products.
We're going to double down on secrecy on products. I'm serious.
Cook, however, does goes on to say that he is going to be the most transparent company on other topics such as social change and supplier responsibility.

Apple's secrecy surrounding its product line is legendary. Apple cofounder Steve Jobs even identified secrecy as one of the specific tenets at Apple that has been responsible for its success. Apple's ability to keep products secret has been hampered in recent years by Apple's reliance on Foxconn and other 3rd party manufacturers. Just earlier today, part leaks seem to have revealed the look of the next generation iPhone.

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30 months ago
We're going to double down on secrecy right after we let go of a few fake pics of the New iPhone to get all you blogs to stop talking about the Galaxy S3.
Rating: 30 Votes
30 months ago
Oh no! He's going to put MR out of business, and then how shall I waste away the hours at work? :D
Rating: 22 Votes
30 months ago
Tim Cook said:

We have one phone with one screen size and one resolution. It's pretty simple if you're developing for this platform.

This was a very interesting quote to me in light of the recent rumors about a new iPhone screen aspect ratio. It would seem to refute that rumor.
Rating: 13 Votes
30 months ago
"The more you tighten your grip, Cook, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."
Rating: 12 Votes
30 months ago
Doubling down, eh?

Hear that, China? You're about to feel the wrath of Cook..
Rating: 11 Votes
30 months ago
Just take a look at RIM - they are legendary in product secrecy as well. So good in fact, no one expects them to come out with anything new. And they have succeeded in launching nothing!

All I know is that the leaked iPhone design is real and yes, I will buy 2.

Rating: 10 Votes
30 months ago
I feel that secrecy adds to the appeal. It's all in the chase...
Rating: 10 Votes
30 months ago

Not if customers are adults and need to make rational purchasing decisions
based on upto date roadmaps and timelines.

This goes especially for businesses. Sure, secrecy adds to consumer excitement, but when your job depends on knowing what your suppliers are going to do, secrecy is horrible.

I have a friend who's the tech director for a school district. A few years ago, he finally convinced the school board to buy an Xserve. And then Apple reveled that they'll discontinue it a few days later.

Most companies I know (or at least their IT departments) prefer stability and planning over secrecy & hype.
Rating: 7 Votes
30 months ago
Double down!? And how would he possibly do that?
Rating: 7 Votes
30 months ago
Maybe Apple should leak a ton of random parts to camouflage the real thing.
Rating: 7 Votes

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