Apple CEO Tim Cook Compares Vision Pro 'Moment' to iPhone and Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook today sent out a memo to employees, thanking them for their work on the Apple Vision Pro headset that was introduced today. In the memo, which was shared by Bloomberg, Cook compared the Vision Pro to the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and said that it is joining Apple's "pantheon of groundbreaking products" that have both "defined Apple" and "redefined technology as we know it."

Apple Vision Pro with battery Feature Orange
Cook visited Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York for the Vision Pro launch, and he said it was "incredible" to watch people try out the Vision Pro for the first time and see the "impossible become possible."

According to Cook, this is "just the beginning" of spatial computing and the impact that Apple will make with the Vision Pro. Apple believes that "incredible opportunities" are still ahead.

Today we launched Apple Vision Pro, introducing an entirely new era of spatial computing. Moments like this should make us all pause -- to celebrate what we've achieved and reflect on the amazing potential that still lies ahead.

This morning I was with our team at Apple Fifth Avenue, where the excitement for this moment was palpable. It's an incredible thing to watch people experience Apple Vision Pro for the very first time. The impossible becomes possible right before their eyes, and often they don't have the words to describe the experience. It really is a technology you have to see -- and see through -- to believe. And it was truly a gift to hear customers share their amazement, their emotion, and their dreams for this incredible device we've created. The whole experience reaffirmed the magnitude of this moment, as well as our Retail teams' vital role in delivering this unprecedented technology to the world.

Apple Vision Pro brings together thousands of innovations to create a product that's like nothing the world has ever seen before. It's an extraordinary achievement, and as so many of you can attest, it has been years in the making. Apple Vision Pro is a reality thanks to you -- thanks to your commitment, your passion, and your contributions to the special culture that drives innovation at Apple. I especially want to thank all of the teams that have been dedicated to this project, who poured in countless hours over many years to yet again push the boundaries of what is possible.

Of course, for us, the most important thing about Apple Vision Pro is how it enriches our customers' lives -- strengthening connection, unlocking potential, and empowering people to accomplish things that simply wouldn't be possible any other way. It's profoundly moving to think of people reliving their most treasured memories, or even introducing a loved one to a relative they never had the chance to meet. It's exhilarating to imagine the unbelievable new entertainment experiences our customers will discover, and the innovative apps our amazing developers will create. It's exciting to think of everything this unlocks for industries the world over, and of the incredible opportunities that still lie ahead. Because with spatial computing, this is just the beginning of the impact we can make.

Two weeks ago we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Mac, a revolutionary device that transformed the world and laid the foundation for decades of innovation. When we shared iPod with the world, we put a thousand songs in our customers' pockets overnight. I remember the day we launched iPhone. We knew we had something special, but none of us could have foreseen its profound impact on our everyday lives. Then came iPad, a magical sheet of glass that becomes anything you want it to be, fostering new forms of connection and creativity for millions of people. With Apple Watch, there isn't a day that goes by I don't get a note from a user about its lifesaving impact. And now with today's launch, Apple Vision Pro joins the pantheon of groundbreaking products that have defined Apple and redefined technology as we know it.

It's not every day we have a moment like this one. Thank you for all you've done to make it possible.

Cook also did a quick interview with Good Morning America this morning, where he further explained the impact he thinks the Vision Pro will have. "The ‌iPhone‌ introduced us to mobile computing, the Mac introduced us to personal computing, this is the first spatial computer," he said. "People are going to interact with it in different ways."

"A company only has a few of these," Cook continued. "Most companies have none. We've had the Mac, the iPod, the ‌iPad‌, the ‌iPhone‌, the Apple Watch, and now the Vision Pro. It's one of those moments."

On the price, Cook went on to explain that it's "tomorrow's technology today," and that it's packed with 5,000 patents. "We think we priced it for the right value today," said Cook.

The ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ is available at U.S. Apple Stores as of today, and some retail locations do have stock available for walk-in purchases. The device is priced starting at $3,500.

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turbineseaplane Avatar
16 weeks ago
Sort of rich talking about your AVP patents when you’re pulling Apple watches off shelves because you refuse to pay others for their patents.
Score: 62 Votes (Like | Disagree)
cwwilson Avatar
16 weeks ago
The Apple Vision Pro is Tim Cook’s ‘legacy’ device. It’s what he will be remembered by whether it succeeds or fails.

He wants it to be his ‘iPhone moment’ ala Steve Jobs. He has put everything into this, pushed all his chips to the middle of the table.

Let’s see what happens.
Score: 25 Votes (Like | Disagree)
AlastorKatriona Avatar
16 weeks ago
It's a lot of projection and wishful thinking. He knows as well as anyone that this thing has incredibility limited appeal and potential. But this is the culmination of the social experiment he has been running since he took over: how much can I convince people to pay for something. He continues to push those boundaries more and more each year, and this is the final moonshot that it was building to. But he's going to find that an iPad for your face that costs $3,500 and requires objectionable hardware is not the game changer he pretends it is.
Score: 24 Votes (Like | Disagree)
FattiesGoneWild Avatar
16 weeks ago
Cook drinking his own Kool-Aid. What a doofus in this regard. They definitely won’t be sharing the return rate on these. It’s going to be massive.
Score: 23 Votes (Like | Disagree)
turbineseaplane Avatar
16 weeks ago
They just don’t want to admit that AVP is basically just a content viewer
Score: 22 Votes (Like | Disagree)
tmaxxtigger Avatar
16 weeks ago
But it lacks the mass appeal.
Score: 21 Votes (Like | Disagree)