Apple Reveals More iOS 17 Features Not Available Until Later This Year

Apple announced that iOS 17 will be released on Monday, September 18 for the iPhone XS and newer. The free software update includes a wide range of new features, but not all of them will be available right away, according to Apple.

General iOS 17 Feature Orange Purple
Below, we have listed three features that Apple's website says are "coming later this year" as part of a future update, such as iOS 17.1 or iOS 17.2. In addition, Apple shared a PDF this week outlining even more iOS 17 features that are now labeled as "coming later this year," and we have listed those additions below.

Journal App

Journal App iOS 17
An all-new Journal app will allow iPhone users to reflect on their day and memories, complete with text, photos, music, audio recordings, and more. The app will provide personalized suggestions based on recent on-device activity.

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

apple music collaborative playlist
A new Collaborative Playlists feature for Apple Music will allow multiple people to add, reorder, and remove songs in a shared playlist.

AirDrop Transfers via Internet

airdrop ios 17
If you send content like an image or video to another user via AirDrop, the transfer will be able to continue over an internet connection if you leave AirDrop range, so long as both you and the recipient are signed in to an iCloud account.

More Features Coming Later This Year

  • React to a message with any sticker through the Tapback menu in the Messages app.
  • A catch-up arrow for group conversations in the Messages app.
  • Sync additional settings with Messages in iCloud, such as Text Message Forwarding, Send & Receive accounts, and SMS filters across devices.
  • Play or pause a podcast or Apple News+ audio story in the Apple News widget.
  • Favorite Songs playlist in Music app.
  • Intelligent form detection and enhanced AutoFill for PDFs.
  • Audio Focus feature for Apple Fitness+ that prioritizes the volume of either the music or the trainers' voices depending on your preference.
  • Apple ID proximity sign-in with an existing signed-in and trusted iPhone or iPad when setting up a new Apple device.

Apple is already testing both iOS 17.1 and iOS 17.2 internally, according to our website's analytic logs. iOS 17.1 is likely to be released in October, while iOS 17.2 should be available in December, based on Apple's previous software release cycles.

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Top Rated Comments

zorinlynx Avatar
2 weeks ago
I really hope the Journal app comes to the Mac too. I don't see it being useful unless I can type on a real keyboard on my computer when journaling.
Score: 29 Votes (Like | Disagree)
tennisproha Avatar
2 weeks ago
So basically everything??…then why even “release” iOS 17 right now lol
Score: 23 Votes (Like | Disagree)
TheOneWhoKnocks Avatar
2 weeks ago
If it's not ready then don't announce it.
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
fwmireault Avatar
2 weeks ago

Audio Focus feature for Apple Fitness+ that prioritizes the volume of either the music or the trainers' voices depending on your preference.
This is nice, but I would also like the option to turn off the Fitness+ audio completely and stream something else (Music, Podcast, TV show, etc.). I currently can't watch a TV show on my iPad/iPhone with the fitness+ streaming in Picture-in-picture without one of them constantly pausing the other. But I can do it on my Apple TV. Weird limitation
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)
cocky jeremy Avatar
2 weeks ago

When an OS is not ready they should wait till all features are ready.

Just release security patches in the meantime.
I'd rather them release it and then just work on extra features over time. Too many chances for bugs if they release a lot at once. Also longer to fix everything.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
cocky jeremy Avatar
2 weeks ago

Well this is not iOS 17 this is iOS 16 and a half.

I mean there is no point in releasing a new OS if the features are not in, just release the fixes as a minor update and when you are ready release the full os.

I think it’s time to move away from the yearly OS release.
So, you'd rather miss out on finished features for months until unrelated features are finished?
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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