PSA: If You Run Windows, Make Sure to Update iTunes to Fix Security Vulnerability

Windows users will want to make sure that they are running the latest version of iTunes, iTunes 12.12.9, in order to gain protection from a recently uncovered security vulnerability.

itunes for windows
Apple released iTunes 12.12.9 on May 23, and it fixes an issue that could allow malicious apps to gain elevated privileges to install malware on a Windows machine. While the vulnerability was addressed last week, Synopsys, the security company that discovered the problem, today shared some details on how it worked.

iTunes had a privileged folder with weak access control, allowing a malicious person to redirect the folder creation to the Windows system directory, which could then be used to obtain a higher-privileged system shell.

The iTunes application creates a folder, SC Info, in the C:\ProgramData\Apple Computer\iTunes directory as a system user and gives full control over this directory to all users. After the installation, the first user to run the iTunes application can delete the SC Info folder, create a link to the Windows system folder, and re-create the folder by forcing an MSI repair, which can be later used to gain Windows SYSTEM level access.

All versions of iTunes prior to 12.12.9 are impacted by this vulnerability, and so iTunes users who are running older versions of the software should make sure to update.

Synopsys first discovered the problem in September 2022, and told Apple about it at that point. Apple confirmed the vulnerability in November, and then patched it in May. Apple did not say that this exploit was known to have been used in the wild so it is not as critical as some other vulnerabilities, but it is still a good idea to install the latest version of iTunes right away.

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HobeSoundDarryl Avatar
12 months ago

I wonder how many iTunes users there still are. Especially on windows.
PC is a farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr larger world than the bubble in which we Mac people play. Pay attention and you'll see DOS apps still running in relatively important settings- like hospitals. DOS! I just bumped into it in dominant use with a not-poor client only 3 years ago.

I would wild guess- and it is just that as I have no data to support it- there is more-to-far-more active iTunes users than Mac owners. :eek:

Here's a surprising(?) PCmag quote ('') from only 4 years ago...

Microsoft currently lists the Windows version of iTunes as the most popular app on its digital store, putting it ahead of Netflix and Spotify.
I clicked a link into the store to see where it ranks now (''). It's #2, right behind WhatsApp and still ahead of Netflix and Spotify.
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jacobgkau Avatar
12 months ago

Don’t you love it when some companies tell you how to hack into others systems?

I can't tell which part of your comment the sarcasm tag applies to, but the security researchers communicated the issue to Apple privately nine months ago, and waited over a week after the fix was published to disclose the issue publicly. This was a completely responsible disclosure on the researchers' part.
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MrMojo1 Avatar
12 months ago

I wonder how many iTunes users there still are. Especially on windows.
Why do Apple users continually assume that Windows users don't own any Apple products like an iPhone?
There are lots of iPhone owners who are PC users not Mac users. Also, Windows are [still] used in many parts of the world, more than Macs, esp. in corporate settings.
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MrRom92 Avatar
12 months ago

Me too. And I have the bug that iTunes (also when syncing with Apple Music / Finder) syncs over all songs, including the ones that are already on my iPhone. Major PIA, major bug, for over 13 years now.
The most ideal thing would be if apple completely did away with “syncing” or any sort of library management. Just put a folder on the device we can drag and drop any files we want to using the normal windows explorer and the songs should just show up when we open the Music app. Would resolve many, many problems with the way they’ve implemented things. And this is basically how any other personal media player functioned for the last 25 years.
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vertsix Avatar
12 months ago

I wonder how many iTunes users there still are. Especially on windows.
Right here.

Still sync 23,000 songs and counting to my 1TB 13 Pro Max.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Jmausmuc Avatar
12 months ago
I wonder how many iTunes users there still are. Especially on windows.
Score: 4 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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