Three Unreleased Mac Models Appear in Apple's Find My Configuration File

Three new Mac model identifiers were recently added to a Find My configuration file on Apple's backend, as discovered by Nicolás Álvarez (via @aaronp613).

mac family early 2023
The new identifiers are Mac14,8, Mac14,13, and Mac14,14, and they appear in a list alongside Mac14,3 and Mac14,12, the identifiers for the latest M2 and ‌M2‌ Pro Mac mini models. The list in Apple's configuration file relates to overriding "separation monitoring," which suggests these could be desktop Mac models that do not need to be actively tracked via ‌Find My‌ for separation from the user as portable Macs do.

Exactly what these new Mac models are is unclear, as Apple has recently shifted from using more specific model identifiers like "MacBookAir10,1" to generic "Mac"-based ones that can apply to any member of the family. The most imminent desktop Mac update we're expecting is the Mac Pro, although Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes it won't be ready to launch at WWDC in June.

Gurman also believes the Mac Studio will not see an update until high-end members of M3 chip family are ready, and that seems unlikely until perhaps early 2024. With the ‌Mac mini‌ having just been updated in January, the only other apparent possibility for a desktop Mac update is the iMac, but that too isn't expected to be updated until ‌M3‌ chips are available in the latter part of this year at the soonest.

It is also unclear just how many product lines these three new model identifiers represent. As seen with the ‌Mac mini‌ and other recent Macs, models with multiple chip options can have several identifiers, so it's possible these new identifiers could represent three variants of a single product, or something like two variants of one product and a single variant of a second product.

We'll likely hear more about the potential for Mac updates as we get closer to WWDC, but for now it appears the most likely Mac launch expected at the event is a new 15-inch MacBook Air, not a desktop Mac.

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Spock Avatar
6 weeks ago
Always looking forward to new Macs that I cannot afford. ;)
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Bustycat Avatar
5 weeks ago

I just learned that the M2 Mac Minis got different model identifiers than the previous M1. Why they switched from MacMini9,1 to Mac14,12, when the Mac Studio is Mac13,1 and Mac13,2, I'll never know, but it just reminds me of the old models for early Power Macs/iMacs and PowerBooks/iBooks. They used PowerMac for both iMacs and Power Macs, and PowerBook for both iBooks and PowerBooks. Confusing.
Just checked that every Mac of M2 series uses the Mac14,x identifier. It seems Apple experimented the new scheme on Mac Studio models which are M1 series, with Mac13,x. It would be easier to presume that every Mac15,x model will be M3.

So far we have had:

* Mac14,2 (M2 MacBook Air)
* Mac14,3 (M2 Mac mini)
* Mac14,5 (M2 Max MacBook Pro 14")
* Mac14,6 (M2 Max MacBook Pro 16")
* Mac14,7 (M2 MacBook Pro 13")
* Mac14,9 (M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14")
* Mac14,10 (M2 Pro MacBook Pro 16")
* Mac14,12 (M2 Pro Mac mini)
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
6 weeks ago
Can’t believe we have to get through half of April and a full month of May to see these new Macs. ?
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
6 weeks ago

Always looking forward to new Macs that I cannot afford. ;)
You can always get an Apple Card. Now we have Apple Card Savings Account too! ?
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segfaultdotorg Avatar
6 weeks ago
Yeah, really hope they finally upgrade these iMac/mini/MB/MBP models to the A3 chip. I think the iPhones have had those for a while.
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rafark Avatar
6 weeks ago
New iMac Fingers crossed! ?
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