Apple Reportedly in Talks With Suppliers to Assemble MacBooks in Thailand

Apple is said to be in talks with suppliers to make MacBooks in Thailand as the company continues to diversify its supply chain outside of China.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 Feature Blue Green
According to Nikkei Asia, suppliers involved in the talks already have established bases in Thailand for other clients, which has facilitated discussion surrounding the possible assembly and production of MacBook components and modules in the country.

"Ideally, Apple asked us to set up facilities in Vietnam for MacBooks, following in the footsteps of other Apple suppliers, but we offered an alternative option of building the product at our Thailand plants, which still have a massive space that can be reserved for the client," a senior executive at one of the suppliers told Nikkei Asia. "As MacBook assembly will begin in Vietnam first, we could support the components from our Thailand plants, too. ... It will only take two to three days of logistics and custom clearance."

Another supplier told Nikkei it is building new plants in Thailand for Apple, and construction of a new factory for MacBooks and other products will be completed this year. Apple has already been mass producing its Apple Watch in Thailand for more than a year, according to the outlet's sources.

Apple has expanded its supply chain beyond China over the past several years, with some production now occurring at factories in India and Vietnam. Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also said that the main production location outside of China for Apple's future MacBooks may be Thailand, as such diversification helps Apple to mitigate geopolitical tensions and avoid risks like U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports.

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oofio2461 Avatar
8 weeks ago
Good move, I don't want my Macbooks being made in china anymore. It's also bad PR as well.
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Solomani Avatar
8 weeks ago

Make it touchscreen already
But the oily fingerprints from the peanut sauce will just murk up the screen.
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Leon Ze Professional Avatar
8 weeks ago
Excellent choice! Thailand ?? is a great country for manufacturing.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
RalfTheDog Avatar
8 weeks ago

Apple will build products literally anywhere in the world except the USA.
They have tried in the past. It was a failure due mostly to quality control issues. The United States is just not that good at making complex stuff. They are good at making big mechanical things like cars and trucks. Not so much with assembling complex electronics. The US does seem to be reasonably good at manufacturing chips. I would like to see more high technology products manufactured in Mexico and South America.
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dumastudetto Avatar
8 weeks ago
Definitely a good decision to Thai up more production away from China.
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)
tomtad Avatar
8 weeks ago
Makes me want a Thai Green Curry
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