TP-Link Launches Matter-Certified Kasa Smart Plug With Energy Monitoring

TP-Link’s Kasa Smart brand today announced the launch of its first Matter-certified smart plug, the KP125M. The KP125M is able to connect to HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings setups because of the Matter connectivity.

tp link kasa smart plug
Matter-compatible devices that are added to a ‌HomeKit‌ setup work the same as HomeKit-enabled devices as long as there is a ‌HomeKit‌ Matter hub, which includes the HomePod, HomePod mini, iPad, and Apple TV. If other people in the home use a different device compatible with a smart home platform from Amazon, Google, or Samsung, the Kasa Smart Plug can be used with that platform as well provided an appropriate Matter hub is available.

The Kasa Smart KP125M provides scheduling and timer capabilities, plus it can be used to monitor energy consumption over time for keeping an eye on energy costs.

According to TP-Link, the KP125M features a compact and flame-retardant design that is meant to keep it from blocking additional outlets. It is designed to work over Bluetooth, and with ‌HomeKit‌ setups, it can be used with the Home app and with Siri voice commands.

The KP125M Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim is priced at $40 for a two-pack, and it can be purchased from

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Aichon Avatar
8 weeks ago
Bluetooth-only is a non-starter after using Thread-based devices. There’s no going back once you get used to how fast and reliable Thread is compared to Bluetooth, and it’s frankly surprising to me that they’d launch it with Matter support without Thread.
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Cndnmax Avatar
8 weeks ago

I like tp-link products but really? 2.4 ghz WiFi only? I only have one five year old device that requires that channel band anymore. Not going to add another.
5Ghz/6Ghz is complete overkill for any smart device. Unless you live in a tiny apartment, 2.4ghz is the best frequency as it can travel almost 6 times further (ideal conditions). You don’t even need to turn off 5Ghz to set these up so there’s really no point in turning that band off.
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AppleTO Avatar
8 weeks ago
I have tons of these things. They can’t just firmware update the older model..?
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MrRom92 Avatar
8 weeks ago
One major issue with HomeKit is that there is no way (that I know of) to prevent other members in a home from controlling certain devices, or to exclude them from generalized commands.
I have several sensitive devices placed on smart plugs for my own personal convenience but unfortunately all it takes is one person pressing buttons or making the wrong Siri command to cause a very expensive problem for me. For example, if they’re leaving and they say “Hey Siri turn everything off” versus “Hey Siri, turn all the lights off”

Imagine having kids and they’re wreaking havoc with all the lights or other devices around the house? Want them turning on the disco lights and stereo in your room when you’re trying to sleep?

I’m hesitant to put more things on Smart plugs until Apple offers more controls over who can control what.
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FasterQuieter Avatar
8 weeks ago

I like tp-link products but really? 2.4 ghz WiFi only? I only have one five year old device that requires that channel band anymore. Not going to add another.
I am not sure I am right, but I like that devices like this operate on 2.4GHz. It is my understanding that the range is better at that frequency and these things obviously don't need much bandwidth. Also, it frees up the 5GHz channel for devices that benefit from the extra bandwidth and speed.
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mystery hill Avatar
8 weeks ago

Wifi is better but not much. Once you start getting several devices, especially since these are 2.4 only, you start getting latency and congestion.

Thread works on a different frequency and was designed for this, it’s always been the best option.
Yes, I’d get the Eve Energy.

There aren’t many other Thread smart plugs.
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