Bespoke Apple Watch Ultra in Anodized Blue Sold by Arizona Jeweler

Specialist jeweler De Billas Lux has caused a stir among timepiece collectors by offering a custom Apple Watch Ultra model with an anodized blue titanium case.

apple watch ultra custom blue
The Digital Crown is anodized in gold, and the Action button, while retaining an International Orange outline, has also been given an anodized blue finish. Inside the custom box is a gold-plated link bracelet to boot.

According to a video on its Watch Plating Pros YouTube channel, De Billas is able to create a range of unique colors for Apple Watch Ultra enthusiasts, however unfortunately it has not been able to achieve a black finish, which is one of its most requested colors.

Among its stall of prestigious brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet, the Arizona-based jeweler is currently offering custom ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ models for $1,499, with buyers paying an extra $700 on top of Apple's official $799 price for the ultra-premium finish.

Apple only offers the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ with a silver titanium finish, and there's no word on whether it will offer different finishes in a future update.


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Nip Avatar
9 weeks ago

I don't think that's a good shade of blue. But… I especially don't think you should mix blue and… orange?
You’re wearing blue and orange in your pic lol
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boak Avatar
9 weeks ago
It's really ugly tbh
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Grey Area Avatar
9 weeks ago

... caused a stir among timepiece collectors...
It has been a while since dabbled in serious watch collecting, but I seriously doubt some third-party anodizing of a mass-produced wrist computer will draw much notice among that crowd.
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ApplesAreSweet&Sour Avatar
9 weeks ago

It looks like Jennifer Lawrence in x-men
The one individual who this Watch will look good on:

Except it will still 100% be too big for her wrists.

So not even a fictional shape-shifter is going to want this abomination.

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mimeArtist Avatar
9 weeks ago
It looks like Jennifer Lawrence in x-men
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Mrkevinfinnerty Avatar
9 weeks ago
I didn't think that watch could be made to look uglier but they have nailed it.
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