Apple Removing Keynote App's Presentation Sharing Feature in Future Update

Apple plans to remove the Keynote Live feature in a future version of its Keynote app, according to a new support document. The feature allows for a presentation to be played over the internet in the Keynote app on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Apple Keynote App Feature
Apple recommends using screen sharing to share a Keynote presentation in apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Webex, with steps outlined in the document.

Apple updated the Keynote app for both iOS and macOS this week with Apple Pencil hover support, the ability to export and send a copy of a presentation in a different format right from the Share menu, and various other improvements and bug fixes. Apple did not indicate exactly when the Keynote Live feature will be removed.

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MrCubes Avatar
9 weeks ago
"Hey they really love it when we say, 'no new features'. What could be better than that? How about 'negative features'"
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9 weeks ago
I still kind of miss the old pre-iOS-ified versions of iWork. They felt like full tools.
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mattaaron Avatar
9 weeks ago
Man Keynote is truly one of the best all around programs out there that I think is a bit hidden not many know about. I use it for so many things:

* At work for presentations
* At work for diagrams, charts, analytical things
* At home for weight tracking sheets, Siri cheat sheets, movies/games coming out, etc
* As a Video Editor, an alternative to iMovie (there's a bunch you can do in Keynote you can't do in iMovie)
* As a Photo Editor, some quick editing of photos (colors, removing backgrounds, adding elements, shapes, etc)
* As a GIF maker, import a video, edit it, export it as a GIF
* I've used it to create a bunch of pre-roll trailers/movies/clips for my Plex server

Anyway just finished going to the bathroom otherwise I'd list a ton more, but man Keynote has changed my life in the Apple ecosystem world. I think one day they could combine Pages, Numbers and even iMovie and put it all into Keynote.
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MasterHowl Avatar
9 weeks ago
I absolutely love Keynote.

I remember in 2008 Apple had a series of 'how to' videos on their website for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers (called iWork back then). I watched all of them two or three times in the months before I bought my first MacBook (I washed dishes in a local cafe to save up enough money) because I was sooooo excited about getting a Mac. Using Magic Move for the first time felt magic (no pun intended!).

Fifteen years later and I still use Keynote weekly. I made all of the figures for my PhD thesis in it, and now I use it for all of my public lectures and academic talks.
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Benjamins Avatar
9 weeks ago

So why is this getting removed?
screen sharing is such an integral part of those team conference software anyway, having this seems redundant.
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Verified Whiskey Avatar
9 weeks ago
What! Dang. I use that all the time. I wonder if it’s a security vulnerability or if it’s just a feature they thought nobody uses?
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