Periscope Camera Lens Exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Be Supplied by Largan

The periscope camera lens that will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be solely supplied by Largan, according to the latest note by Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 15 Pro Periscope Mock Feature
Rumors about the iPhone getting a periscope lens have been circulating since early 2020, when Kuo first mentioned the possibility. The analyst originally said that a periscope lens would be an iPhone 14 Pro feature, but that never happened. Since then, Kuo has maintained that the lens type will exclusively debut in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, a prediction that analyst Jeff Pu has also made.

In a periscope system, light entering the telephoto lens is reflected by an angled mirror towards the camera's image sensor. The change in direction in which the light travels allows for a longer "folded" telephoto setup inside phones, enabling users to zoom in further without any blurriness.

Kuo's latest note is contextualized in terms of two risks that Apple camera lens suppliers face going forward: High inventory levels leading to a weaker-than-expected second quarter this year, and suppliers being unable to profit from periscope camera lenses.

According to Kuo, the average selling price for Largan's shipped periscope camera lenses is around $4 (including the prisms), which is notably lower than the market consensus of $4.50 to $5 or higher. Kuo claims that the $4 price means Largan cannot profit from the periscope camera lens.

Looking ahead, Kuo believes both iPhone 16 Pro models in 2024 will use the same or similar periscope lens as the one used in the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, with Apple continuing its trend of setting apart standard and Pro models by reserving certain higher-end hardware features for the latter.

It is anticipated that Apple supplier Genius will start supplying periscope lenses for the iPhone 16, at which point the component's price will be even lower, negatively impacting lens suppliers, said Kuo.

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timmyh Avatar
9 weeks ago

Did anyone actually re read that before posting it? There are so many mistakes it’s breathtaking. It’s iPhone 15 not 14 for a start. And it’s not 2022 Wow
Apologies for the errors in the original post. As editor, I take full responsibility. I was forced to attend to a family emergency during the proof-reading, and published too hastily. Everything is ok now. Again, sorry about that.
Score: 24 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Love-hate ? relationship Avatar
9 weeks ago
4$ but they'll be charging a hundred ehe
Score: 18 Votes (Like | Disagree)
ColdShadow Avatar
9 weeks ago
There should be no difference between Pro and Pro Max other than size.
It will be really disappointing if they repeat that mistake again.
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
PsykX Avatar
9 weeks ago

Pro Max should be a bigger chassis with a bigger screen and battery, period. Like the iPhone 14 Pro line.
Not more features.
Score: 10 Votes (Like | Disagree)
diddl14 Avatar
9 weeks ago
So now the question is if this will be a 4th lens?

Attachment Image
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)
retrocool Avatar
9 weeks ago
I had one of these in 2003 - the Minolta DiMage X
Everything old is new again...
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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