Sonos Now Supports Apple Music Spatial Audio on These Speakers and Sound Bars

Sonos this week updated its iPhone and iPad app with support for Apple Music spatial audio playback on compatible Sonos speakers and sound bars, including the newly-released Era 300, the Arc and Arc SL, and the second-generation Beam.

Sonos Era 300 With iPhone
Spatial audio simulates surround sound, making it seem like the audio is coming from all around you for a 360-degree listening experience. Apple Music offers thousands of songs in spatial audio, which are labeled with a Dolby Atmos badge in the Sonos app after updating to version 15.2, available now on the App Store.

Sonos launched new Era 300 and Era 100 speakers today with AirPlay 2 support for wirelessly streaming audio from Apple devices. The speakers were announced earlier this month, with more details and pricing outlined in our previous coverage.

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Someyoungguy Avatar
9 weeks ago

The only way to listen to music is as the artist intended and not using some cooked up algorithm that alters the sound.
The artist? Or do you also mean the producer and publishers? I don’t like all the artificial stuff either, but let’s not be naive.
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9 weeks ago
Lil Yachty‘s latest album ('') is the best use of Atmos I’ve ever heard, film or music.
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gsurf123 Avatar
9 weeks ago
The only way to listen to music is as the artist intended and not using some cooked up algorithm that alters the sound.
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jhwalker Avatar
9 weeks ago

In > 90% of the use cases everyone reading this should be concerned about how the Era 300 work as stereo speakers (not spatial audio), and whether they support lossless playback over Airplay 2.

The other 10% of the use cases will be people using them as surrounds, and for those that passionately care about Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio.
I guess I'm in that "10%" as I'm very much enjoying Dolby Atmos content via both my home theater system and via my master bedroom Sonos system (ARC + sub + surrounds).
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gwhizkids Avatar
9 weeks ago
It might open up the sound stage a bit but it destroys the real mix and true sound stage. It’s a gimmick and as with many apple innovations lately is absolutely pointless.
“Absolutely pointless”. [emoji23]
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arnoz Avatar
9 weeks ago
I think I'm getting old and am getting very confused with all this Atmos and Spatial Audio stuff. Is that even the same thing with two different names?
I have a HomePod, Sonos Arc and two Sonos One. The Arc had its firmware update this morning, all Apple devices have been updated a few hours ago. But it seems like the only way to play Atmos content is
* by playing it from my iPhone only
* by starting playback from the Sonos app only

So, at home, I must use my iPhone and must use a third party music app for all this to works? Surely it must be easier and I'm missing something?
Just playing music via AirPlay from my Mac seems much easier, especially with Siri (for once, it works).
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