Aqara Releases Video Doorbell G4 With Facial Recognition and HomeKit Secure Video Support

Smart home accessory maker Aqara today launched its first video doorbell, the HomeKit-enabled G4 with facial recognition.

aqara G4 launch
The Video Doorbell G4 features a 1080p camera and is compatible with ‌HomeKit Secure Video‌, along with support for local streaming to Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart devices.

It features on-device AI facial recognition, which can trigger customized automations for different people. For example, a "welcome home" scene is activated when the G4 recognizes a family member coming home. Or in the case that it detects the postman, the doorbell will play a pre-recorded message.

The battery-powered video doorbell supports both wireless and wired installation and can use a pack of six AA batteries that lasts about four months, according to Aqara. Alternatively, users can opt to wire the G4 doorbell to an AC/DC transformer for 24/7 recording, and use the battery pack as a back-up power source.

The doorbell also offers adjustable sensitivity, configurable motion detection, and a power saving mode for users who live in a high traffic area to extend the battery life. Additionally, the G4's chime repeater, which has a 95 dB speaker, includes a USB-C port, allowing users to place the repeater indoors.

Video footage can be stored locally or remotely via iCloud or the Aqara platform. The latter offers subscription-free cloud storage of up to seven days of critical event clips such as motion detection, facial recognition, doorbell ring, and tamper alerts.

Priced at $119.99, the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 comes in both Shadow Gray and Black colors, with optional local storage via a microSD card slot. Support for the new Matter standard will come via a future over-the-air update, according to Aqara. The G4 is available on Amazon in both North America and Europe, as well as selective Aqara retailers worldwide.

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Mac Fly (film) Avatar
11 weeks ago
My camera is called going to the door. It cost me a grand total of €0,00
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Mr_Ed Avatar
11 weeks ago
Interesting, but I’ll withhold judgement until I can see the detailed specs (I could not find them on their website).

Their page says “NAS storage“ is a ”future” option, as is Matter support, but I would be interested in the protocol support for the camera to see if it can integrate with existing security setup.

Solidly on the plus side I’ll say they at least thought about how stupid it is for every other manufacturer to have SD storage of video, but put the SD card slot in the main outdoor unit itself where anyone could crack it open and steal/destroy. This at least has it in the indoor chime unit.

[EDIT] I’m still suspicious of new products claiming “future” support of any kind. I got burned by LIFX years ago when I bought their first-gen lights with their website at the time claiming future support for HomeKit. In their case it turned out that support came with a future hardware revision, not a simple firmware update so anyone with the early hardware was simply SOL.
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Seeds Avatar
11 weeks ago

Okay you are on the hook to post a video and all of the experiences of setting it up and trying out HSV :)
I would, but I think Stephen Robles already did a pretty good job with that.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions anyone has though!
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Scotticus Avatar
11 weeks ago

My camera is called going to the door. It cost me a grand total of €0,00
That's really useful if you're not home, or someone's stealing packages from your front porch, etc
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surfzen21 Avatar
11 weeks ago
I wonder if this can truly be set up as a 100% localized system with nothing being set back to the manufacturer.

There have been numerous systems for home security that send data back to a home system maintained by the manufacturer and a clear breach of privacy.
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segfaultdotorg Avatar
11 weeks ago
I didn't realize they were still using the G4 processor in anything. I guess they didn't need the power (and heat) that comes with the G5.
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