Twitter to Increase Tweet Character Limit to 4,000, Elon Musk Says

Twitter will eventually increase its character limit from the current 280 to 4,000, the company's new CEO, Elon Musk, has confirmed on Twitter.

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In reply to a question whether rumored plans for Twitter to increase the character limit to 4,000 were true, Musk responded "Yes," without providing additional information. Twitter originally had a character limit of 140 before it was increased to 280 in 2017.

The exact details of the increase in character limit are not yet known, but previous reports and tweets by Musk suggested Twitter may make it easier for users to break up long chains of texts into multiple tweets part of a thread. It seems that an increase to 4,000 characters would eliminate that idea, and users could simply post longer blocks of text in single posts.

Twitter announced over the weekend that it plans to relaunch its Twitter Blue subscription service on Monday, which will offer users a verified blue checkmark and other perks such as the ability to edit tweets and upload higher-resolution 1080p videos. Twitter Blue will relaunch with a higher price of $11/month for iPhone users after Musk criticized Apple's 30% commission taken from in-app purchases.

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cyb3rdud3 Avatar
24 weeks ago
So, no longer tweets then. Just boring long essays with just more hate crime disguised…
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haydn! Avatar
24 weeks ago
Folks just need to stop giving this buffoon airtime. Twitter is dead.
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samifathi Avatar
24 weeks ago

Not sure how this is Mac or even Apple rumor at all
We often cover things related to apps/services outside of just Apple-related things, and Twitter is notable for iPhone users. Feedback is taken though!
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adammusic Avatar
24 weeks ago
It’s like he’s actively doing every single terrible thing possible to the app instead of doing anything everyone wants.
Trends are completely ruined, it’s all old trends all day & night, like how weekend trends work.
Clicking not interested still doesn’t work, since its inception.
No customization options.
More ads.
Pay for less ads, still ads.
More hate speech.
A trillion more bots.

What was already a hell site, is now an even worse hell site.

Why is it so difficult to do good things.

The main thing I’ve always wanted is to be able to click a trending topic and immediately see why that topic is trending.
Not 10 posts about Elon changing the heart icon to a Tesla logo.
Or 5 Denzel gifs.
And 400 bot comments.
Only to never find out why that topic is trending.
Theres only like 100 trending topics a day. Just manually hire someone to do that.
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Robert.Walter Avatar
24 weeks ago
So now folks don’t have to distill their thoughts down to their essence.

So much for that USP.
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Powerguru Avatar
24 weeks ago
Yes, this will help the ranters. And would be easy to ignore.
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