Popular Ski App Slopes Adds Apple Watch Ultra Action Button Support

Popular skiing and snowboarding app Slopes over the weekend added support for the Apple Watch Ultra's Action Button, making it one of the few third-party apps with native support for the feature.

Apple Watch Ultra Orange Alpine Loop Action button 220907 big
Apple Watch Ultra owners can program the Action Button to start a workout using the Slopes app, making it quicker to begin a skiing or snowboarding session. The Slopes app is designed to automatically determine your resort or backcountry location when a workout is started, so all that's needed is to activate the Action Button.

There are a limited number of third-party apps that support the Action Button at this time, and popular titles like Strava have yet to implement support. Apps and features can be launched using Shortcuts, but it is more convenient for users when developers build the feature into their apps.

The Action Button can be customized through the Settings app on the Apple Watch Ultra. It supports several native Apple Watch functions, such as launching a workout, starting the stopwatch, adding a waypoint to the Compass app, starting a dive, activating the flashlight, and launching a user-created Shortcut.

Slopes is available for free from the App Store, but there is a premium subscription or a daypass subscription that is required to unlock all features. The developers behind Slopes are often quick to add new iOS functionality, so the app also offers Live Activity support for the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, widgets, and other features.

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Top Rated Comments

everlast3434 Avatar
13 months ago

Slopes is not a cheap app, so even though my family has been skiing every year, I hesitated. But after trying it out, I can see why it is regarded as the gold standard. At $30-50/year, it is very expensive. I wish the developer would offer discount for loyal subscribers.
Even at the high end of $50 a year, that’s 4 bucks a month. You think that’s a lot? How much do you think it costs to develop applications? SMH
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Exile714 Avatar
13 months ago
If this is going to be the norm, we need a way to quickly and easily change the action button, or better make it context sensitive - maybe based on the app you're in, or the face you're using?
Score: 4 Votes (Like | Disagree)
nutmac Avatar
13 months ago

Even at the high end of $50 a year, that’s 4 bucks a month. You think that’s a lot? How much do you think it costs to develop applications? SMH
But the typical ski season is only 4 months long.
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skunkworker Avatar
13 months ago
Ski Tracks is my go-to app. It's free, records your stats well and integrates with health/rings. And can work on the watch and record instead of the phone.
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MorePixels Avatar
13 months ago

Where I am in the United States, I have a half-dozen ski resorts within a 3 hour drive, one as close as 45 minutes away. From December to April, they're swarmed with *tens of thousands* of people from all over Colorado, and the world. The main interstate highway out of Denver heading west into the mountains is a parking lot every Friday heading out of town and every Sunday heading back into town. Winter sports, including skiing, is one of the main draws of living in state with 58 peaks over 14,000 feet and uncountable mountains over 10,000.

Like scuba diving, which Apple has targeted heavily with the Ultra, skiing requires training and a lot of expensive, specialized equipment. Both of which you'd think would be natural barriers to a lot of people picking up the sport. And yet... they're both incredibly popular. So a specialized app for skiers doesn't surprise me in the least, any more so than Apple's fancy bespoke scuba app does.
All three people who you described in your summation of the United States & the "ski resorts within a 3hour drive & as close as 45 minutes away", & own the ultra are now reported to be "ultra thrilled™"
Score: 2 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Darth-Kylie Avatar
13 months ago

But the typical ski season is only 4 months long.
So its relevance to the world is short-lived and niche? Whereas the developer needs food on their table for a full 365 days per year.
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