Apple Launches Revamped Website With All-New Design

Apple today rolled out a new design on following several weeks of beta testing. The page now features a colorful wallpaper with tiles for your Apple ID account and Apple apps like Photos, Mail, iCloud Drive, Calendar, and Notes. There is also a tile with icons for additional apps like Find My, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and more.

icloud com redesign
The page can be customized, with users able to choose which apps appear in each tile or remove a tile entirely. The bottom of the page displays your iCloud storage plan and usage, as well as a link to recover recently deleted files from iCloud Drive and other apps.

In the top menu bar, users can click or tap on the plus sign to create a new email, note, calendar event, and more. The menu also provides access to settings for iCloud+ features such as Hide My Email, iCloud Private Relay, and HomeKit Secure Video.

All in all, the redesigned page provides a more streamlined experience that makes it easier to view information at a glance.

(Thanks, Joern Hartmann!)

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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
7 months ago
It looks very nice. Would like to see sync of Messages app on!
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Justin Cymbal Avatar
7 months ago

I’m glad that Apple revamped the website with a redesigned look and new features

Looking forward to signing in and using the new website on my M1 iMac when I get home this afternoon
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dreamerstree Avatar
7 months ago

its much better. but no dark mode??
That's, coming later this year. Haha
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zachz Avatar
7 months ago
Nice! Great redesign, looks sleek and it seems to be faster than the old

I was using the beta for a while and got lots of comments about it at work where we have to use Windows
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tgwaste Avatar
7 months ago

I know! You get access to photos, but not messages? :(
Apple cant allow messages over the web. It would give people a way to leave iPhone for Android.
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seanmills1020 Avatar
7 months ago

We Are Cirrus About Your Privacy
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