New Apple TV Now Available at Apple Stores With These 10 Changes

Starting today, the new Apple TV 4K is available for pickup at select Apple Stores around the world, with no pre-order required. Pricing starts at $129 for the 64GB model without Ethernet and Thread support, while the full-spec 128GB model costs $149.

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The new Apple TV is also available for walk-in customers at Apple Stores that have stock, but we recommend arranging a pickup just in case.

To order a product with Apple Store pickup, add the product to your bag on or in the Apple Store app, proceed to checkout, select the "I'll pick it up" option, enter your ZIP or postal code, choose an available Apple Store location, select a pickup date, and select a 15-minute check-in window. Payment is completed online, and a valid government-issued photo ID and the order number may be required upon pickup.

Here's a recap of 10 changes with the new Apple TV:

  • A15 Bionic chip: The new Apple TV is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip for up to 50% faster performance than the previous model with the A12 Bionic chip. Apple says this results in improved responsiveness and faster navigation. Apple adds that graphics performance is up to 30% faster for smoother gaming.
  • 4GB of RAM: The new Apple TV is equipped with 4GB of RAM, compared to 3GB in the previous model, for improved responsiveness.
  • 128GB storage option: The new Apple TV is available with up to 128GB of storage, compared to a max of 64GB for the previous model.
  • HDR10+ support: In addition to Dolby Vision, the new Apple TV now supports HDR10+ content in supported apps.
  • Siri Remote with USB-C port: The new Siri Remote is equipped with a USB-C port instead of Lightning for charging.
  • Thinner and lighter design: Apple says the A15 Bionic chip's increased power efficiency allowed for the internal fan to be removed in the new Apple TV, resulting in the device having a more compact design that is around 12% thinner and around 50% lighter than the previous model.
  • No more "TV" branding on top: The new Apple TV no longer has "TV" imprinted on the top of the device and instead simply has a centered Apple logo.
  • Lower pricing: The new Apple TV starts at $129 with 64GB of storage, while the previous model started at $179 with 32GB of storage. While you need to spend $149 to get an Ethernet port, Thread support, and 128GB of storage, that's still cheaper than any of last year's models.
  • No charging cable in the box: The new Apple TV ships without a charging cable in the box for the Siri Remote, except in Brazil. Apple sells a new woven USB-C cable separately for $19.
  • Packaging changes: The new Apple TV comes in a slightly more rectangular box that no longer has outer plastic wrap.
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Top Rated Comments

Christoffee Avatar
8 months ago

Not worth it over the other one no one needs a15
You won’t be saying that when they release Doom.
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)
RalfTheDog Avatar
8 months ago

No one is saying the M1 is slow. But the M2 is faster. I have 2 Apple TV HD, a 1st Gen 4K, a 2nd Gen 4K, and at some point today, 2 3rd Gen 4K. Use them everyday. And the newer models are faster than the model that precedes them. And the same will be true for this. That doesn’t have anything to do with people saying or not saying that the old one is slow. But the new will be faster.
Faster is always better. I overclocked my Apple Watch. Now I have 26 hours in a day!
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Kylo83 Avatar
8 months ago

You won’t be saying that when they release Doom.
I doubt anyone uses an Apple TV to game, the game are not that good are they
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
poematik13 Avatar
8 months ago

Not for upgrading purposes....
But for Marketshare the lower price might help.... ATV is the WORSE selling streaming device in the market and always has been. HDR10+ support has been in $25 streaming sticks. The only thing ATV did others did not was add useless storage as 98% of people aren't buying and downloading digital movies or gaming on it.

The real story is made the price almost competitive.... but still a miss IMO as it's great for that 2% that needs storage and games on it. They really needed to get this $99 or less.

Apple has really tried to sell an ecosystem device that I don't think matters to most people. It's great you can view your photos and access your Apple Music Library.... but most people aren't listening to music through their TV's without a good audio system or looking at photos. Airplay to me never works as well as Google's cast.... which is buttery smooth, and you can still share most if not all that content from an Apple device to other streaming devices which makes it more niche which makes the premium price not something people have been willing to pay.

$129 price point with storage is accessible to most budgets. It still is a hard sell when you compare it to some $50 streaming sticks if you have zero use for storage which is most people.
Have you ever actually used an apple tv? The UX blows the $50 peasant streaming sticks out of the water. No lag. Everything smooth. Apps load instantly. No ads in the OS. No google/android spyware. Connects to airpods instantly. Can be controlled by iOS and watchOS devices. And the video quality in the streaming apps is the best in the market.

It's a luxury device, but it's objectively the best streaming media player.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Kylo83 Avatar
8 months ago
Not worth it over the other one no one needs a15
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Reason077 Avatar
8 months ago
Very lame that they dropped Thread support from the base model.
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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