German Airline Lufthansa Not Banning AirTags After All

German airline Lufthansa today said that it will not be banning AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers from checked luggage. After receiving guidance from German Aviation Authorities, Lufthansa confirmed that ‌AirTags‌ do not pose a safety risk in luggage because of their low battery and transmission power.

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The airline made headlines over the weekend after informing passengers that ‌AirTags‌ would need to be turned off in checked baggage because of guidelines imposed by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Lufthansa suggested ‌AirTags‌ were subject to the ICAO's dangerous goods regulation because of their transmission function, and that they needed to be "deactivated" during flight as a result.

‌AirTags‌ are not able to be turned off without taking the battery out of the device, so the only solution would be not to have an activated AirTag in checked luggage. Many Apple users have taken to including ‌AirTags‌ in their bags for tracking purposes, so Lufthansa's stance was a surprise to consumers.

Apple in a statement this week to The New York Times said that ‌AirTags‌ were not dangerous and were in fact "compliant with international airline travel safety regulations for carry-on and checked baggage."

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration also confirmed to The New York Times that ‌AirTags‌ are permitted in both carry-on and checked luggage, as are other Bluetooth-based trackers from companies like Tile.

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TheLisnakFactor Avatar
9 months ago
Having AirTags in bags is the only way to travel. I have them in every bag and can tell before we even take off if my bag has made the flight. Also makes waiting for bags a breeze.

I would have immediately stopped using this airline. Or ignored them over this.
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
9 months ago
I love AirTags. They are very helpful and efficient while traveling on board.
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bwillwall Avatar
9 months ago
Did nobody at the airline think to double check why no other major airlines have done this if it's in any way an issue? Aren't planes literally always full of devices with lithium batteries and radio signals etc...
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tastesliketailpipe Avatar
9 months ago

Anybody that tried it (putting airtags on checked luggages), how did you guys do it? Did you just drop the airtags inside the luggage, or use one of those accessories to attach it externally? And how good does it work?
Externally will surely drop off.

Put it inside under the lining so that it’s closest to the outside of your suitcase and no stuff in between.
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dukebound85 Avatar
9 months ago

So you didn’t travel before April 2021?
what kind of comment is this?:rolleyes:
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NervousFish2 Avatar
9 months ago
This is one area where, for me, AirTags really shine. You can tell if your bags arrived within minutes. Equally, if they are still hundreds of miles away, you can tell that too, and get to the top of the lost luggage line before everyone else on your flight!
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