iOS 16.1 Beta Adds More Pronounced Gray Border Around Dynamic Island When Using Black Wallpapers or in Dark Mode

With the latest iOS 16.1 beta, Apple has tweaked the design of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to make it more visible on a dark background. When using a darker wallpaper or with the darker interface of Dark Mode activated, there is a light gray border around the outside of the ‌Dynamic Island‌ when the screen is dimmed or when the ‌Dynamic Island‌ is in active use.

dynamic island outline 1
The border does not show up on lighter color wallpapers where the ‌Dynamic Island‌'s outline is already visible, and it disappears when the iPhone is unlocked or when the ‌Dynamic Island‌ is not being used. If you play music or use an app that displays content in the ‌Dynamic Island‌, the border will show up again.

dynamic island outline 2
In iOS 16.0.2, there is a very faint border around the ‌Dynamic Island‌, but the iOS 16.1 beta makes it much more apparent. It is not clear why Apple has made this change, and what it ultimately adds to the ‌Dynamic Island‌ interface. For those who used dark backgrounds to make the ‌Dynamic Island‌ blend better into the screen around it, the new outline is something of a distraction.

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nutmac Avatar
9 months ago
That looks terrible. It should be an Accessibility feature, perhaps as part of Button Shapes setting.
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SDJim Avatar
9 months ago
This is the opposite of what I want, lol, what a bizarre step backwards.

Isn't their whole marketing for the "Dynamic Island" centered around it being partially invisible due to UI magic tricks?
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appleguy123 Avatar
9 months ago
Makes me feel better about staying on the static peninsula.
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DanRyb Avatar
9 months ago
Yeah this bothers me. I purposely use a dark background so that it blends in.
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stiligFox Avatar
9 months ago
It’s humorous now that they are trying to emphasize its existence, where as with the notch, they did their best to hide it in promotional materials.

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ProfessionalFan Avatar
9 months ago
This seems like a very odd decision if intentional. I will just hope/assume this is a bug.
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