Apple to Announce Q4 2022 Earnings on October 27

Apple today updated its investor relations page to announce that it will share earnings results for the fourth fiscal quarter (third calendar quarter) of 2022 on Thursday, October 27.

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The fourth quarter earnings call will provide insight into sales of the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max models, as well as the new Apple Watches. Apple's iPhones went on sale a week earlier this year and will have a more significant impact on the company's fourth quarter earnings results than the iPhone 13 in Q4 2021.

Apple declined to issue guidance for the fourth quarter of 2022, as it has done for the last two years. In the year-ago quarter, Apple posted revenue of $83.4 billion and net quarterly profit of $20.6 billion.

The quarterly earnings statement will be released at 1:30 PM Pacific/4:30 PM Eastern, with a conference call to discuss the report taking place at 2:00 PM Pacific/5:00 PM Eastern. MacRumors will provide coverage of both the earnings release and conference call on October 27.

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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
9 months ago
Thanks to the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max and Apple Watch Ultra. Revenue and Net quarterly profit will be off the roof.
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BootsWalking Avatar
9 months ago
It's Tim favorite day of the year - he lets himself have an extra pat of butter on his english muffin.
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mystery hill Avatar
9 months ago
“Let’s limit external display support to M1 iPads”

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sw1tcher Avatar
9 months ago

Thanks to the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max and Apple Watch Ultra. Revenue and Net quarterly profit will be off the roof.
So you think profit and revenue are going to decline? I ask because when something goes off a roof, it usually falls (unless it has wings and can fly, or it drinks a Red Bull).

Now, if you think profit and revenue are going to be up, then the expression is "through the roof" :)
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Abazigal Avatar
9 months ago
Apple has trained people to buy their products, even when their software is half-baked and their phones have minimal improvements. It's a status symbol and they're lining Timmy's pockets.
Or maybe it just says as much about the state of the competition. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Mr. Dee Avatar
9 months ago
We all know it will be usual dribble:
- Apple is where people who are passionate come to do their best work.
- Leave the planet better than we found it
- Make a dent in the universe
- Enriching lives
- Can't talk about future products, but we are excited about the future.
- We continue to be surprised by the demand for iPhone 14 Pro Max and we doing best to make as many as we can for our customers.
- Buy your mom an iPhone.
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