Apple Watch Ultra Teardown Reveals Larger Battery, Improved Water Resistance, and More

iFixit today shared an Apple Watch Ultra teardown post and video, providing a closer look at the watch's internal design and components.

While the Apple Watch Ultra has four exposed pentalobe screws on the back case for quick access to the inside of the watch, iFixit said the device remains challenging to repair. For example, after removing the back case, iFixit said a gasket contributing to the Apple Watch Ultra's water resistance was immediately broken. In addition, accessing parts like the battery and Taptic Engine requires the difficult task of removing the display.

In line with a previous report, the teardown confirms that the Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with a 542 mAh battery, which is 76% larger than the Apple Watch Series 8's 308 mAh battery also shown. The teardown also provides a closer look at the Ultra's significantly larger speaker, which reviews said results in louder phone calls.

Apple Watch Ultra launched on Friday. Priced at $799, the high-end watch features a rugged design with a 49mm titanium case, a flat display, outdoors-themed bands, water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters, a customizable bright orange "Action" button, up to 60 hours of battery life with an upcoming low power setting, and more.

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BobSc Avatar
9 months ago

Sadly looks like this might be the worst watch yet re: battery replacement. $400/year, then to the landfill. Oh well, I am sticking with my $16 Casio (whose battery is easily replaced using rear case screws), and my Luddite approach to sports/fitness.
Two cans and string can replace your iPhone.
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ufomism Avatar
9 months ago
This guy is clueless lol. Calls GPS on Apple Watches “abysmal”, doesn’t understand how the siren works, and worst of all damages the screen by prying it open with metal tool and not using suction cups, then blames it on the watch.
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jarman92 Avatar
9 months ago
This guy is the worst. His obnoxious digs at Apple are very distracting and often completely wrong. They should bring back the cute dorky guy with the long hair.
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henrikhelmers Avatar
9 months ago

Sadly looks like this might be the worst watch yet re: battery replacement. $400/year, then to the landfill.
I think this is the wrong take. The larger battery means the watch will experience fewer charge cycles, and less time at those high and low states that lithium batteries don’t like. There is also the better battery management added in recent years.

There is a good chance the Ultra will still perform well in 4 years.
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dohspc Avatar
9 months ago
The battery is very good on Ultra. Before I would be down to 20-30% after a 75 min workout outside streaming music on cellular on AW7 and I started at 100%. Now on Ultra I have around 75% remaining starting at 100%. The watch is twice as heavy though lol.
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no_idea Avatar
9 months ago
It will be great when this thing evolves over the years to go more than a week on a single charge. I’m hoping apple will be pushing for that long term
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