Deals: Take $300 Off Apple's 2021 MacBook Pros With Multiple Best-Ever Prices

Amazon and B&H Photo are offering all-time low prices on Apple's 2021 MacBook Pro lineup today, with discounts available on both the 14-inch and 16-inch models.

14-inch MacBook Pro

Starting with the 14-inch MacBook Pro (10-Core M1 Pro/1TB), this model has dropped to $2,199.00, down from $2,499.00. This is a record low price on this version of the 14-inch MacBook Pro, and it's available in Silver and Space Gray on Amazon. B&H Photo is matching in Space Gray.

14 inch macbook pro deal blueNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

We haven't seen record low prices on the lower-end 512GB model of the 14-inch MacBook Pro in a few weeks, so as of now the only 14-inch model on sale remains the 1TB model.

16-inch MacBook Pro

For the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we're tracking an all-time low price on the 10-Core M1 Pro/512GB 16-inch MacBook Pro, priced at $2,199.00, down from $2,499.00. This one is available in both colors on Amazon, and B&H Photo is matching in both colors as well.

16 inch macbook pro deal blue

On the higher end, the 10-Core M1 Pro/1TB 16-inch MacBook Pro is on sale for $2,399.00, down from $2,699.00. At $300 off, this is another record low price on the 2021 MacBook Pro. B&H Photo is again matching in both colors.

You can find even more discounts on other MacBooks by visiting our Best Deals guide for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. In this guide we track the steepest discounts for the newest MacBook models every week, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you're shopping for a new Apple notebook.

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Top Rated Comments

darngooddesign Avatar
11 months ago

i wish we had discounts on apple products in canada. literally zero discounts even on m1 macbook air.
Universal healthcare or discounted Macs, you don't get both. ?
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TightLines Avatar
11 months ago

They've been $300 for a few weeks on Amazon
I hope those deals hold on or get even better for a short time longer too - as one of them has my name on it; i just have to wait a little while longer for the stars to line up just right before i can pull the trigger…

I would have liked to experience the new Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra - but Apple didn’t seem to think the widely reported issues regarding the high pitch whining sound coming from some of them was important enough to address… so, M1 Max in a decked out laptop will have to make do… which also happens to remove my need/want to get a MackBook Air to support my times away from my work desk & Mac Studio…
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svish Avatar
11 months ago
Great discounts for the higher memory variants of 14" and 16" MacBook Pros. Good for those looking out for higher memory variants.
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darngooddesign Avatar
11 months ago

Is discounting like this indicative of a new model and/or drop in price from apple themselves? Was planning to pull the trigger on a 14", but can wait if something is likely imminent...
According to MacRumors, something is always imminent.

Some people are saying this fall, which would be around one year after the 14" MBP, but nothing has indicated that the M computers are on a one year upgrade cycle.

You could wait until this fall, but if you do then you would be closer to the next expected release so you might as well wait.

Then there is the price. Based on the M2 Air the next 14" might be $200 more which means that there would be a $500 price difference between the M1 14" and the M2 14".
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Egk Avatar
11 months ago
My bet is that M2-versions won't be this year, mostly due to the Mac Studio being relatively recent and the existing M2 variants aren't even in the Mac Mini.

I'm of course sitting on no information at all, but I am gambling on this idea since I bought a heavily discounted M14 with 32GB and 10-core ( If I bought it from Apple it would cost 30 999 NOK (3200 USD, tax included) while I got it for 24999 NOK (2580 USD) – sales tax in Norway is 25% btw :rolleyes:.
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temende Avatar
11 months ago

Is discounting like this indicative of a new model and/or drop in price from apple themselves? Was planning to pull the trigger on a 14", but can wait if something is likely imminent...
My guess is that the M2 14"/16" MBPs will launch sometime in mid-2023. But it'll be a pretty incremental refresh with the M2 Pro/Max chips and maybe a couple port changes. If the only reason you're holding off is for a new version, then I personally would just pull the trigger now if you need it.

I went all-in on a 14" M1 Pro MBP this year and plan to keep it for 5+ years, unless they come out with some super amazing feature which I think is unlikely tbh. The big jump was going from the Intel MBP to the M1 MBP. The M2, M3, etc. will be much more incremental gains compared to the initial M1 gains.
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