YouTuber Mark Rober Talks Working at Apple on VR Headsets in Self-Driving Cars

YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober has discussed his experience working for Apple's Special Projects Group, where he authored patents involving virtual reality in self-driving cars.

Back in 2018, it was revealed that noted YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober had been quietly working for Apple's Special Projects Group on several projects related to virtual reality. While Rober has since left his position at Apple, the company has continued to update and pursue patent applications based on his team's work.

Rober has now openly discussed his work at the company on Marques Brownlee's Waveform podcast, talking about Apple's feelings on Rober continuing his YouTube career while working at the company and how his work was uncovered by the press. He discusses his research, which explored uses for VR headsets in an autonomous vehicles, such as to prevent motion sickness and show simulated virtual routes, how Apple supports employees that generate ideas, and the implications of inventing concepts at the company.

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macduke Avatar
11 months ago

Remember the old saying "Those that can't do, teach"? Now it seems those that can't even teach, turn into a "content creator" ?
What are you talking about? This man is a brilliant science educator, an accomplished engineer helping design the brilliant landing hovering rocket crane system that was used to lower multiple Mars rovers, and he makes more money from YouTube with 22 million subscribers than his entire unit at Apple and NASA probably makes combined.

He started doing YouTube before Apple. Also between working at NASA and Apple he started a successful app-integrated costume company that he sold to a UK company, and he guest hosts for Jimmy Kimmel. The man can do it all.

You come across as jealous by being so dismissive of a clearly gifted person and one of the nicest guys on the internet. He does all of this while also caring for his autistic son and advocating for the cause, along with other charity work for organizations like Team Trees and Seas. Get on this guy's level and maybe you can talk, lol.
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Enlightened Doggo Avatar
11 months ago
This story is certainly bringing out some strange takes. People who discuss their very civilian work are not traitors. Workers don't owe corporations their lives, and executives don't deserve credit for personal accomplishments.
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temende Avatar
11 months ago

Remember the old saying "Those that can't do, teach"? Now it seems those that can't even teach, turn into a "content creator" ?
And those who can't be content creators become anonymous keyboard warriors on  forums.
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CarAnalogy Avatar
11 months ago
Why do all Youtube preview images have to be so off the charts cringy and ridiculous? It's so off-putting.
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IanL Avatar
11 months ago

I spoke too soon. Saw the video and he can definitely discuss it considering the patents are public.

So this is pretty much official now that AR glasses are coming from Apple.
While I agree that an Apple AR headset is very likely coming, Apple patents a *lot* of technologies and products that never see the light of day. Just because they have a patent on something doesn't mean they ever go through the process of putting it into production -- they just want to make sure the IP they develop is protected if they ever do
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Macalway Avatar
11 months ago
In the future everyone will be a traitor for 15 minutes.
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