Deals: Apple TV 4K Available for Lowest-Ever Price of $149.99 on Amazon

Amazon has returned with an all-time low price on the 32GB Apple TV 4K, available for $149.99, down from $179.00. This remains the best price we've ever tracked on this version of the 2021 Apple TV 4K, and it has an estimated delivery window as soon as this Thursday for many places in the United States.

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Apple introduced the new Apple TV 4K last year, and it comes with the all-new Siri Remote, the A12 Bionic chip, and more. For more storage, the 64GB version is also on sale, priced at $169.99, down from $199.00. This is another record low price for the Apple TV 4K.

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T5BRICK Avatar
17 months ago
Same price at Costco if you have a membership.
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Breaking Good Avatar
17 months ago

64GB isn’t enough for me, constantly getting “out of Storage” messages.

Hoping that the next ATV has larger storage options.
If I may ask, what do you store on this device?

The only thing we use ours for is streaming content. Granted it is the best streaming device we have found. But I have yet to find another use for it.

I would have bought the 32GB version, but when we purchased it I think the 64GB version was only $20 more.
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zubikov Avatar
17 months ago
If the last upgrade cycle is any indication, we have a LOOONG way to go until we get a new ATV 4K.
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Juicy Box Avatar
17 months ago

And now the real question, and I don’t mean this sarcastically, but there’s really 64 GB worth of games worth playing available on it?
Yes, keep in mind that it only takes less than a dozen large games to fill up a 64GB ATV.

If you like things like Aerial Screen Savers, a larger size could also help. I pretty much only see one of them because there is hardly ever enough space on my ATV to download multiple ones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even on large games, there are still sometimes assets, that need to be downloaded to play a game or certain parts of a game. I have ran into the annoying situation where I was playing a game, but was unable to continue because I didn't have enough room on my ATV for additional assets.

Please name some. Again, serious question, genuinely curious. Thank you.

The Oceanhorn series:
Three games total, all require a controller. The first one, Monster of Uncharted Seas is like TLOZ, A link to the Past and Windwaker.

The second, Knights of the Lost Realm is like TLOZ BOTW. This game is a huge, open world.
Free on Apple Arcade. One of the best games on Apple Arcade, imo.

The third, Chronos Dungeon, is like a 16-bit dungeon crawler.
Free on Apple Arcade.

Alto's Adventure:
Simple, but beautiful, relaxing, but addicting. It is a great game to unwind from work, nice music and visuals.
Free on Apple Arcade, or at least the "+" version. I bought this one way before it was on the Apple Arcade.
Plays great with the first Siri Remote.

Alto's Odyssey:
Sequel to Alto's Adventure, taking place in a desert instead of snowy mountains.
The "+" version is free on Apple Arcade. I bought this one way before it was on the Apple Arcade.
Plays great with the first Siri Remote.

It is kind of like a horror, puzzle game. I get creepy vibes from playing this one.
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller. Love this game.

Real Racing 3:
This one is free. I have spent a lot of time on this one. It is fun, although overtime, it turns into a pay to win game. The cloud saving is glitchy as well. I had a bunch of time invested, and stopped playing for like 6 months. Went to play again, and all my progress was gone. Still, it is a great racing game.
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller.

Asphalt 8:
I haven't played it in a while as I prefer RR3, but it is a fun and fast pace racing game.
The "+" version is free on Apple Arcade. I bought (or downloaded, can't remember if it was free or not) this one way before it was on the Apple Arcade.
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller.

Skate City:
Fun skate boarding game. Good graphics for an AA game.
Requires a controller. Free on Apple Arcade.

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Classic Sonic. It is a great port. The App Store says that it is free now, but I thought I paid for it a while ago. I think it might be free with adds now, but you can purchase the ad-free version via IAP.
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2:
Same quality as the first port. I always preferred it over the original when I was younger. Same with the first, this one is now free, just with an IAP for the "Premium Upgrade".
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller.

Sonic CD:
Another great port. Again, the same thing with it being free with an IAP.
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller.

If you like RPGs like FF, then Fantasian might be for you. The creator was one of the same creators of the original FF game. It looks amazing, and gameplay is nice. One of the best looking games on tvOS.
Requires a controller. Free on Apple Arcade.

The Oregon Trail:
Completely redesign from the older game and all the reboots. Looks great. A lot of scenarios and options, especially the more you play.
Plays okay with the first Siri Remote, but I prefer playing it with a controller. Free on Apple Arcade.

SongPop Party:
A remake from the SongPop game that was also on tvOS. Great game to play with the family, especially if you like all kinds of Music. It is like "Name that Tune". Basically, you listen to music, and compete against others to guess a song name, or artist name, as fast as you can.
Plays great with the first Siri Remote. It is free on Apple Arcade.

I can give you more if you like.

I have a lot of games that are no longer available to purchase as well, such as the DuckTales Remastered version. A lot of the games that I purchased are no longer updated, or were pulled from the tvOS store as well.

One of my favorite games of all time is the RISK game that is still on iPadOS and MacOS, but was pulled from the tvOS App Store last summer.

Gaming developers are leaving the tvOS platform like crazy. Hopefully Apple does something to turn it around.
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Gator5000e Avatar
17 months ago
If anyone buys one, don't update to TV OS 15.5.1. The update broke Dolby Atmos for me on my 2021 ATV 4K causing frequent 10-25 second audio dropouts while watching a show encoded with Dolby Atmos. Watching episodes 1 & 2 of Stranger Things was a real poor experience with all these dropouts until some research found the work arounds. This apparently only happens when connected via ethernet (go figure). Streaming on WiFi is fine. Another solution is to turn off Dolby audio in settings. Sucks to have to do this. And I guess for some who have this issue it has been around since v 15 was released.
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yabeweb Avatar
17 months ago
New version coming out "soon"?
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