Nvidia Updating GeForce NOW With Native Support for Apple Silicon Macs

Nvidia today announced that its cloud gaming service GeForce NOW is gaining native support for Macs with Apple silicon chips.

nvidia geforce now mac
The updated GeForce NOW app for macOS will feature improved performance and lower power consumption on Macs powered by the M1 family of chips, including the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, 24-inch iMac, Mac Studio, and Mac mini models.

Native support for Apple silicon Macs will require version 2.0.40 of GeForce NOW, which should be rolling out soon. The update will also make it easier to discover new games to play in the app with an added "Genre" row at the bottom of the "Games" menu, and adds server-side rendering frame rates to the Streaming Statistics Overlay.

On the Mac, GeForce NOW is available on the web and as an app. The cross-platform, subscription-based service allows users to stream hundreds of games across multiple devices, including Fortnite. Pricing is set at $9.99 per month in the United States.

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ilikewhey Avatar
14 months ago
finally something worthwhile. applearcade has been a disappointment thus far.
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WestonHarvey1 Avatar
14 months ago

Isn't GeForce Now just a client? If the games on there isn't optimized, then this is not very meaningful, right? Please correct me if I misunderstood.
The client itself can be a source of performance issues, so running natively on the M1 puts its best foot forward.
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BootsWalking Avatar
14 months ago
Nvidia faces serious competition in its core GPU business from advance CPU+GPU SoC solutions like what Apple delivered with the M1. If Intel and AMD follow suit and up their integrated GPU game then Nvidia will be the odd man out trying to sell discrete GPUs to a very small sliver of the market. This is why they wanted to buy ARM - they knew the future direction of high-integrated SoC's and needed ARM to reach a wide market for their own solution.
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GubbyMan Avatar
14 months ago
I'm just really disappointed in GeForce Now. The closest server is around 50km from my location but the latency is just bad, even when I have an ethernet cable connected. In comparison, Stadia is hard to distinguish from a local game even when the nearest server is like 2 countries away (560km).

Edit: I manually selected the closest server on GeForce Now and it runs flawlessly. The network test shows 3ms latency. :oops:
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icanhazmac Avatar
14 months ago
Intersting, another baby step towards true Apple (non-iOS) gaming!
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GubbyMan Avatar
14 months ago

That’s weird I have the opposite experience. I opted for the higher 3080 tier and on wired FIOS I literally could not detect any input lag at all. Very happy with it, but also unhappy that I can resume my gaming addiction even without gaming hardware ?
Ok, doing the network test in GeForce Now shows a stable connection with 3ms latency. Pinging the closest Stadia server gives me 27ms latency. I tried to just select the server manually in GeForce Now and it fixed my problem! It's so fast now I can't even tell if the game is not just running locally.
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