Apple Seeds Second Public Beta of macOS Monterey With Universal Control

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming macOS Monterey 12.3 update to its public beta testing group, with the new software coming a week after the first macOS Monterey 12.3 public beta.

macOS Monterey 2
Public beta testers can download the macOS 12.3 Monterey update from the Software Update section of the System Preferences app after installing the proper profile from Apple's beta software website.

Universal Control is the major new feature in macOS Monterey 12.3, and it is designed to allow multiple Macs and iPads to be controlled using a single mouse/trackpad and keyboard. If you have a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro, for example, both devices can be controlled with the MacBook Pro's trackpad and keyboard or a keyboard attached to the iPad.

iPadOS 15.4 is required for ‌Universal Control‌ on the ‌iPad‌, and once the updates are installed on your devices, the feature just works as it is automatically enabled.

macOS Monterey also includes new Emoji 14 characters like melting face, biting lip, heart hands, and more, and plus it adds support for updating AirPods with a Mac. There's no official update interface, but your AirPods can receive firmware updates over-the-air when connected to a Mac, similar to how the update process works with an iPhone.

There are some under-the-hood changes as well. Apple is removing Python 2 from macOS with macOS 12.3 after support was suspended in January 2020, and Apple is eliminating some kernel extensions used by Dropbox and OneDrive, necessitating software updates for those apps.

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gank41 Avatar
17 months ago
Look's like Apple's updated their servers for the latest install Assistant .pkg file.
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MacsRgr8 Avatar
17 months ago
One thing that irritates me on my 24" iMac M1 (maxed out):
Connecting a 4K TV via TB 4->HDMI cable as 2nd display.

It does work, but if I want "extended display", 4K @ 60fps, I need to remove and re-insert the cable at the back of the iMac after a reboot.

If I don't do that, it always defaults to screen-mirror, 4K @ 30fps. I cannot adjust the settings in System Prefs. Only removing and re-inserting the TB 4 (USB C) cable gives the correct options.
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macar00n Avatar
17 months ago

Can you iterate what these massive bugs are succinctly for those of us who don't seem to experience them?
Kernel panicking when connected to my one external display when waking up from sleep. A dock does it too so I removed that from my setup to reduce complexity. To trick my machine into not KPing on wake, I have to open the lid - if I wake it by keyboard, it KPs maybe a third of the time, wiping out what I'm doing on both my personal and work user accounts. Ultra annoying coming from Macs that could have months of sequential uptime. This bug was covered in MacRumors review video and in my research I've found that it has been around since the first M1 Macs in early 2021 with no resolution since.

The Bluetooth battery drain while asleep is massive.

A minor one that I hate so much is that my FN button, improved in Monterey to be able to pull up emoji menu, stopped doing it in 12.2. Just absolute amateur hour with Monterey. It's like they don't test at all anymore. Just tout and deliver crappy new features
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Realityck Avatar
17 months ago
Some issues were fixed in this second beta. The Javascript issue with Safari 15.4 and was fixed. That warning about Catalina users upgrading to this beta was fixed. Yesterday it took a second install for this to complete the installation. Not sure it was attributed to server issue or something else. Like to know if it installs in the first pass?

macOS 12.3 beta 2 (21E5206e)
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macar00n Avatar
17 months ago
Are the massive bugs fixed? Forget the features for five seconds Apple - first and foremost, is it stable?
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yukari Avatar
17 months ago
12.3 beta 1 broke unlocking Mac's with Apple Watch.
12.3 beta 2 restored unlocking with Apple Watch.
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