Apple Releases watchOS 8.4.1 With Bug Fixes for Apple Watch Series 4 and Later

Apple today released watchOS 8.4.1, a minor update to the watchOS 8 operating system that launched in September. watchOS 8.4.1 comes a week after the release of watchOS 8.4, an update that added a fix for an ongoing charging issue.

watchOS 8 on Apple Watch feature
‌‌watchOS ‌8.4.1 can be downloaded for free through the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General > Software Update. To install the new software, the Apple Watch needs to have at least 50 percent battery, it needs to be placed on a charger, and it needs to be in range of the ‌‌‌‌‌‌iPhone‌‌‌‌‌‌.

According to Apple's release notes for the update, watchOS 8.4.1 introduces unspecified fixes for the Apple Watch Series 4 and later. There is no additional information available on the new software, but if we find out what's addressed, we'll update this article.

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itsmemuffins Avatar
17 months ago
I hope it fixes issue like intermittent charging issues. I’ll come in to the room to find the passcode screen on display.

Or intermittent bedside mode screen getting stuck on.

Or intermittent Bluetooth disconnecting issues.

Get your **** together Apple.
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neuropsychguy Avatar
17 months ago

Like all apple products now a weekly reboot is pretty much a must to keep them working properly. Sad but true.
My household has close to 15 Apple devices that are all actively used — phones, watches, laptops, speakers, Apple TV. Other than updates, they are rarely rebooted, no more than every few months.

Maybe we just happen to get devices without issues but we’ve had dozens more Apple products over the past two decades and have never needed to reboot regularly to keep them working well.

I’m not saying no one ever has problems, I’m just saying a weekly reboot is not “pretty much” required for “all Apple products”.
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BigMcGuire Avatar
17 months ago
I miss the days of just telling it to update. Now, I take off my watch, put it on the charger, tell my phone to start the update in the watch app, then go to my watch to type in the pin, hit proceed on installing update, and enter .... pin... again. :p
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macmac30 Avatar
17 months ago
I set an alarm on my AW7 (to vibrate) to wake me up at 4:15am yesterday to catch a flight. I just happened to wake up at 4:35am and when I looked at my watch, it was on the alarm screen but there was no vibration happening. I have used this to wake me up for years. Either I slept through the alarm (which has never happened before) or the vibration never happened. Does anyone know what happens to the vibration alarm if you ignore it? Will it stop after some time? Does it then start again? Don't want that to happen again!!!
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dumastudetto Avatar
17 months ago
I love how committed Apple is to polishing the Watch experience with a continuous flow of dependable updates.
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44267547 Avatar
17 months ago

I wish they would be more committed to getting things right in the first place!

I’m sure Apple is plenty ‘committed’ to trying to bring a solid user experience, but it’s not so much about getting things ‘right the first time’, but more the consistent commitment to improving the software in a reasonable time frame. Software is a very intricate process and requires a consistent refinement. It’s not about getting things perfect or right the first time, but not neglecting the issues either.
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