CES 2022: Nanoleaf Announces Plans to Support All Thread Over HomeKit Products

Nanoleaf today announced that it plans to open up Thread support to all Thread over HomeKit products, expanding the Thread ecosystem for improved connectivity and reliability of ‌HomeKit‌ devices.

nanoleaf lines dual
With an update coming in the first quarter of 2022, Nanoleaf will enable its Thread Border Routers, which includes the Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements, and Lines, to work with all Thread over ‌HomeKit‌ devices. Some Thread over ‌HomeKit‌ devices include the Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb and Lightstrip, the Apple TV 4K, and various Thread-enabled Eve products.

Nanoleaf says that it will be the first company after Apple to open up Thread Border Routing to all Thread over ‌HomeKit‌ devices, paving the way for a faster and more reliable smart home. Thread technology creates a low latency mesh network between devices to cut down on dropped connections and to improve connection speeds and responsiveness. Every device that supports Thread in a smart home setup strengthens the Thread ecosystem.

The update will also allow Nanoleaf to prepare for the Matter over Thread devices that are set to launch later this year. Matter is a new connectivity standard that's meant to improve smart home device interoperability, and it is supported by Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, and others.

Nanoleaf says that it is working with the Connectivity Standards Alliance to build Matter support into both current and future product lineups. Nanoleaf's first Matter-compatible devices will launch in late 2022.

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Think|Different Avatar
25 weeks ago
Good to hear BUT – I don't buy smart home items on plans/is coming/in development – only real firmware updates and shipped features.
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LeadingHeat Avatar
25 weeks ago
Eve is another company that is strongly embracing Thread. And they’re very on board with the privacy standpoint Apple is pushing. They’re a fantastic company.
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Think|Different Avatar
25 weeks ago

Obviously, you have no idea what you're doing here. Best keep it simple with regular light for you. This has already started automatically through updates over the past year. They are just making it better.
LOL, okay? Utterly wrong. I only have smart bulbs in every single fixture and a bunch of Nanoleaf products, Hue, Meross, Logitech, the list goes on...Things happen, though, and a LOT of people have been burned by future update promises in the smart home area. You jumping to some weird conclusion and saying I "obviously" I have no idea what I am doing here is comedy if you aren't aware of broken promises in this space, despite Nanoleaf's good track record.
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Macintosh TV Avatar
25 weeks ago

Good to hear BUT – I don't buy smart home items on plans/is coming/in development – only real firmware updates and shipped features.
The Essentials added Nanoleaf Thread Border Routers support via a firmware release back in June. A new firmware version 1.6.35 just dropped yesterday. Though there are no release notes yet, it may already be adding many of these features.
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Relentless Power Avatar
25 weeks ago

Cudos to the MacRumors team for all their work, but I sure hope that Nanoleaf is sponsoring because the space they get is ludicrous.
I have no idea what you mean by ‘Space’. Nano leaf has been reported on this site for years. (Actually, at least five years if I recall correctly.) Their product branding has grown a lot, and I remember when they started at CES, they were really unheard of and now they are becoming more ‘main stream’ for customization just outside the tech circle.
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Macintosh TV Avatar
25 weeks ago

Wait - You just made me realize Nanoleaf has A19 bulbs. Do they require a hub ? I want them to work with HomeKit.

I just bought a Philips Hue Starter Kit for my parents - maybe they could get away with cheaper Nanoleaf ?
They don't need a hub. They work via Bluetooth or Thread. I have a HomePod mini and it works great with them. Love walking into the living room in the morning and being able to just ask Siri to turn the lights on. Or do it via my phone or Apple Watch.

I went with them specifically because they don't require a separate hub.
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