Apple Releases macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 With Bug Fixes

Apple has released a new macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 update, delivering unspecified bug fixes for Mac users running the latest major operating system version. The update comes a little over two weeks after Apple released macOS 11.5.1.

macOS Big Sur Feature Orange
The new ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌macOS Big Sur‌‌‌‌‌‌ 11.5.2 update can be downloaded for free on all eligible Macs using the Software Update section of System Preferences.

We'll update this article if we learn more about fixes included in macOS 11.5.2.

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jz0309 Avatar
20 months ago
Unspecified bug fixes - I don’t like the tone of that. Please just be honest on what has been fixed Apple!
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PBG4 Dude Avatar
20 months ago

LOL, Apple's "seconds" should be called "minutes" when preparing or installing the update.
If we are going strictly “by the book”, then hours would seem like days. — Spock
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masterleep Avatar
20 months ago
Wonder if we'll ever get a fast updating macOS.
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Carlos51 Avatar
20 months ago
This update did fix something on my side.
My brand new Mac mini M1 would not connect via wifi in the Finder with my iPhone and/or iPad, despite having done all the trusting required.
iPhone/iPad would connect via lightning cable/usb-c cable but as soon as I disconnected them they would disappear from the Finder left panel. Before you guys ask, I had checked the option of connecting via wifi.
Did the update half an hour ago and boom! both my iOS devices now connect via wifi.
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Jerry Fritschle Avatar
20 months ago

2.52 Gb – hopefully it fixes a thing or two
The Sealed System Volume, introduced in Big Sur, is a factor in the size. While the SSV has substantial merit, it also restricts how small a "delta" update can be. This could be a minor patch, but one is still faced with this size of a minimum download.
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RumorConsumer Avatar
20 months ago

Interesting that you mention that. Expect things like that to get worse and worse... eventually your Intel Mac will be rendered virtually useless towards the remaining updates for it. Then you will HAVE to get an M1 Mac. I've suspected this was the case for a loooooong while. And, same thing for the M1 Macs (and all Apple devices). That's how they make their money. They eventually render what you have as unusable, if you refuse to stay onboard their profit boat... they push you overboard, then haul you back in when you buy their latest technology.

Just because I'm happy to own an M1 Mac, doesn't mean I'm not aware of their practices. It's better you know the devil's tactics when you choose to play with the devil. Apple... Microsoft... same devil... different suit and tie. :)
I think that is a) a bit dramatic and b) a bit paranoid. Welcome to cutting edge technology. Nobody is sitting at Cupertino thinking about how to hobble your device. Sure it happens at some point but if you look more closely its not malevolence its usually incompetence.
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