Nomad today announced updated versions of its Titanium and Steel Bands for the Apple Watch (42mm or 44mm sizes only). The company said that the new versions of its existing accessories include multiple improvements that result in a lighter metal band that retains its durability.

nomad new bands
Other improvements include new custom 316L stainless steel lugs, 100% color matched to the rest of the band. Nomad added an ultra-slim clasp that stays closed using N52 magnets, and it also allows for easier opening and a more comfortable fit.

The Steel Band is built from high-grade stainless steel and a diamond-like carbon coating, and includes a magnetic clasp. It's available in graphite and silver for the price of $149.95.

nomad new band

The Steel Band in graphite (left) and Titanium Band in silver (right)

The Titanium Band is built from grade 2 titanium with the same diamond-like carbon coating of the Steel Band. Nomad said the Titanium Band is engineered to be as light as possible while still offering the durability of a classic metal link bracelet. It's also available in black and silver, and is priced at $249.95.

Each band comes with a new custom adjustment tool, additional links to fit larger wrists, and is compatible only with Apple Watch cases that measure 42mm or 44mm. You can purchase both of the new bands today on Nomad's website.

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haruhiko Avatar
5 weeks ago
The Link Bracelet from my first Apple Watch lives on with my Series 6 today and it still looks so good. The biggest plus is that each of its link can be removed and re-attached by hand without any tools.

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B4U Avatar
5 weeks ago

The Link Bracelet from my first Apple Watch lives on with my Series 6 today and it still looks so good. The biggest plus is that each of its link can be removed and re-attached by hand without any tools.
Sigh...Only if they will make one fitting my tiny wrist.
Even at the shortest setting, the watch can still free spin on my wrist. ?
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ErikGrim Avatar
5 weeks ago

The Link Bracelet from my first Apple Watch lives on with my Series 6 today and it still looks so good. The biggest plus is that each of its link can be removed and re-attached by hand without any tools.
The best looking, functioning, and timeless band of all. It's a work of art and is comfortable for both training and sleeping with it. No wonder it cost more than the watch itself.
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Rychiar Avatar
5 weeks ago
I can get a stainless steel band for $10 from china that lasts forever... I love how apple made such a worthless metal able to be sold for insane prices even by third parties...
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haruhiko Avatar
5 weeks ago

Sure, I'd love a Rolex Submariner but the wait list runs into years, or a dealer wants you to buy several watches you dont want to get on the "preffered customer" list - and let's not ignore the price is thousands more than an Apple watch ?‍♂️
I have a Submariner from 2012 but it has been sitting in a box for 3-4 years now. I exclusively wear the Apple Watch since the Series 3. Hmm.. classic, yeah it’s classic but I’m not wearing it so there is no point. And due to COVID, there is no more large scale social / corporate events and I don’t even have an excuse to switch to the Rolex. And, to be honest, the very function of telling time is not that accurate too for the Rolex, which requires monthly adjustment of 2-3 minutes due to the physical limitation of mechanical watches.

Of course, since it doesn’t have a battery, it will never runs out of juice and can last a long long time (well, with maintenance).
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haruhiko Avatar
5 weeks ago

I was the same. I had a mixed gold/stainless Rolex oyster perpetual. Haven't touched it since I got my Apple Watch 2 which I wear daily and its use goes beyond a watch. I've also never had attempts to mug me to get my watch of my wrist whilst I had that twice with the Rolex. I ended up being aware to only bring it out for occasions and never with short sleeves. Anyway I manage to sell it for 3x compared to what I paid for it at an official jeweller dealer...Happy days...

Besides that there are huge differences in quality of stainless steel, you seem to value only the raw market value of that and don't allow for anything else. Perhaps a cultural thing as some buy jewellery by the weight and price it accordingly. Me I value craftsmanship and design much more than the raw materials.
Now my city’s travel card is integrated into Apple Pay with express transit, together with the credit cards in Apple Pay my Apple Watch is also my wallet now. So in no way I will switch back to the Rolex. I think we can’t underestimate the impact of Apple Watch to the Swiss watchmakers, it’s earth shattering to them.
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