Apple Details Safety Measures When Reopening Apple Retail Stores, Including Curbside Pickup and Drop-off Option

Apple Senior Vice President of Retail & People Deirdre O'Brien today published a letter regarding Apple's approach on the reopening of retail stores. O'Brien mentioned that over 100 stores globally have already reopened their doors.

The letter notes that when a store does reopen, face coverings will be required for both Apple employees and customers. Apple will also be providing face coverings to those who do not bring their own.

In addition to face coverings, temperature checks will be taken at store entrances and posted health questions will help in screening one who may have been exposed to COVID-19. O'Brien also mentions that deep cleaning on surfaces, display products, and highly trafficked areas will take place frequently throughout the day.

Customers who do enter Apple's retail stores will have "plenty of space," according to O'Brien. Apple will be limiting occupancy in each store, which will help in renewing Apple's focus on "one‑on‑one, personalized service at the Genius Bar and throughout the store."

O'Brien also details Apple's approach to serving its customers more effectively. As an alternative to entering some physical stores, customers can expect to see curb-side pickup and drop off options. As usual, customers can continue to place orders online for an at home delivery. After opening its first US stores last week, Apple will continue to reopen its US stores on a gradual basis.

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lostom Avatar
10 months ago
I visited a store last week, ( in Aus), the process worked ok.
I was buying new device, the staff outside the store all wearing masks and gloves (I think gloves, might be wrong), answered the Q's from a sign and confirmed my info, they took my details, temp check, mask issued and then in a line.
The was the worst part, it was quite a long wait, I'd recommend order online for a pickup, in hindsight.

There is a separate line for pickups.

When I got the front of the line, the girl, ordered my device, another staff member brought it to the front of the store, scan, pay, finished.
It was pretty seamless and easy, well managed.
They were only letting inside around 20 people, I'd estimate.

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KPOM Avatar
10 months ago

I always wonder what is the point of temperature reading. One can always suppress/mask out fever with Tylenol. So what does no high fever prove? Also, COVID-19 is asymptomatic. So you could be positive and is touring Apple Store days before you show symptoms. I think all these procedures are just for show, to appease our superficial anxieties. Requiring everyone to wear masks, alcohol wipes, 6ft separation, high ceiling, constantly circulating air flow upward/outward... these are more tangible, realistic measures.
Nothing is foolproof, but it’s entirely possible that people don’t even know they have a fever. That’s why we use thermometers in the first place. Better to identify the symptomatic than no one at all.

You must not live in an area where there is still a lot going on with regard to the virus and its spread; grocery stores here prefer that customers wear a mask (I'm not sure that it is absolutely required, though), and I am perfectly willing to go with that, as after all I do need to eat and I do need to buy food..... I don't go to Walmart, not my kind of store, so no idea of what they are or are not requiring. I haven't been anywhere but my local grocery store (and the post office once) in the past two months so I haven't run into a situation where someone checks my temperature before I enter the premises. I have no reason to object to that if it is deemed necessary...... Today's contactless digital infrared-type thermometers are a whole lot more comfortable and faster than the old-fashioned mercury thermometers we stuck in our mouths!
I’m OK wearing a mask, though I understand why people might think it is just TSA-style security theatre. It is more likely to prevent you from spreading than from catching it from others. But Asian countries have contained Covid better than North America or Europe, and masks are more common there, so we might as well try it here.
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glowplug Avatar
10 months ago
If those complimentary face masks have an Apple logo they’ll have a few hundred customers lined up at the door.
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paulvee Avatar
10 months ago

Any store that makes me wear a mask is a store I won’t shop in anymore. And a freaking temperature check to get inside?! Why would you have to wear a mask to shop at Apple but not at a grocery store or WALMART?? This whole thing is so ludicrous and I can’t believe what has happened to society.
I understand that you don’t care about the common good. Stores make you wear pants and shirts, but are you going to protest? Your behavior is despicable.
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ghanwani Avatar
10 months ago

This seems like a reasonable approach. Let’s see how other retailers respond.
There’s nothing new here. This is what grocery stores are already doing.
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IssuesGuy Avatar
10 months ago
I always wonder what is the point of temperature reading. One can always suppress/mask out fever with Tylenol. So what does no high fever prove? Also, COVID-19 is asymptomatic. So you could be positive and is touring Apple Store days before you show symptoms. I think all these procedures are just for show, to appease our superficial anxieties. Requiring everyone to wear masks, alcohol wipes, 6ft separation, high ceiling, constantly circulating air flow upward/outward... these are more tangible, realistic measures.
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