Adobe Launches Photoshop for iPad

Adobe is today launching its long-awaited Photoshop for iPad app, one year after first announcing plans to bring the desktop version of Photoshop CC to Apple's tablets.

The Photoshop on ‌iPad‌ app is designed to let Photoshop desktop users open and edit PSDs right on their tablet devices, with the ability to see and edit layered documents and access key Adobe tools with touch gestures.

The app will be familiar to Photoshop users thanks to the standard Photoshop toolbar on the left and a layers interface on the right, both of which are optimized for a touch interface. Adobe has built-in tours and video tutorials to get users started with the app.

Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ was designed with touch and mobility in mind, but it was built using the same code base as Photoshop on the desktop so users don't need to worry about conversions, compressions, or importing or exporting when swapping between the ‌iPad‌ and the desktop. All edits will produce the same results across devices.

Alongside the launch of Photoshop for ‌iPad‌, Adobe is overhauling cloud documents to support the PSD format, which is what will allow PSDs to be worked on cross platform. Work on Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is automatically saved to the cloud as a PSD file via the new cloud documents feature.

According to Adobe, today's launch of Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is just the beginning of a more extensive plan to expand the capabilities of Photoshop on tablets.

The first version of Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ focuses on top workflows, compositing, and masking and retouching, with additional functionality to be introduced in the future as Adobe better learns how customers use Photoshop on a mobile device.

The company says it is "deeply committed" to rethinking every Photoshop experience for the Apple Pencil and the touch screen to provide the best Photoshop experience regardless of device.

Adobe says that new capabilities will be added "as quickly as possible" with a regular cadence of releases after Adobe MAX 2019. "We know we have more work to do," reads Adobe's blog post announcing the launch of Photoshop for ‌iPad‌. Adobe is encouraging Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ users to join its community forums to discuss potential new features.

Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is available starting now for all Creative Cloud customers who have a subscription to Photoshop. It can be downloaded from the App Store. More information on the new Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ app can be found on Adobe's website.

Adobe is today also introducing Adobe Photoshop Camera, an AI-powered camera app that "brings incredible Photoshop magic" to capturing photos. Photoshop Camera lets you capture, edit, and share photos using Photoshop tools right from the viewfinder.

The app can recognize the subject of a photo, provide recommendations, and automatically apply complex adjustments to produce the best possible photo. The app will also include a "curated feed of lenses" created by artists and influencers like Billie Eilish.

Photoshop Camera is available in a preview capacity on iOS devices, and interested users can sign up for info on Adobe's website.

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11 weeks ago
Still subscription based? No thanks, I'll stick to Affinity Photo and Designer.
Rating: 48 Votes
11 weeks ago
How can Macrumors do this big of an expose on a flagship product like Photoshop and not mention cost? Many of us have parted ways with Adobe over their aggressive subscription model that hurts casual users of their software who otherwise might buy a discounted license of the software and use it for several years.
Rating: 47 Votes
11 weeks ago
“We know we have more work to do”

So do I, and Adobe's cloud-based subscription apps are being removed from my workflow.
Rating: 38 Votes
11 weeks ago
Will never used subscription-based. Good luck to those that do.
Rating: 24 Votes
11 weeks ago

Will never used subscription-based. Good luck to those that do.

I don't need any luck, Adobe CC works great for me. Adobe Photoshop used to cost £550-£650 here in the UK. With the subscription it costs around £120 a year and I always have the latest version of Photoshop & Lightoom. It's a good deal.
Rating: 15 Votes
11 weeks ago
One word: Affinity...

Seriously. Those guys have made the perfect alternatives to a photoshop and illustrator. Get the Mac versions and get the iPad versions and your good to go. Perpetual licensing and the iPad apps and Mac apps are nearly identical meaning you can open up a file on iCloud Drive - do some work- then continue the same file on Mac.
Rating: 14 Votes
11 weeks ago
I use subscription based and have no problem with it. Adobe is critical to my businesss and looking forward to trying iPad version tonight
Rating: 10 Votes
11 weeks ago
Good luck, Adobe. You’re going to need it.
Rating: 10 Votes
11 weeks ago

Requires 13.1 ‘eh?

Compared to traditional computers, this race to always have your software be tied to the ever-changing underlying operating system versions is unbelievably annoying. This is particularly true when Apple releases such buggy hot garbage iOS versions

Actually it’s not annoying at all. There’s always a good reason to update iOS, if only for security.

You know what would be annoying? Not having updates at all, Android-style.
Rating: 10 Votes
11 weeks ago

Adobe is pretty clear that their new business model is not for casual users. Their focus is on power users and businesses, for whom the costs are inconsequential. There are a ton of free or near free options from Adobe and tons of others that suit the needs of casual users.

I don’t get the complaints about subscriptions. Seems like there aren’t a lot of business owners here. Leasing/renting (subscription) is extremely popular for many things. Straight up cash purchases not so much.

Yes, this. Both of these. Thank you to both of you for being voices of reason among so much whining.

To everyone else: You have no intrinsic right to Adobe software or any software, nor do you "own" any of the software you use whether you pay a subscription or a single amount. You our granted a license that, in both cases, can be revoked at any time for any reason. Attaching to a payment model in some sort of childish holy war changes *nothing* of your rights.

I pay for my yearly subscription to CC with a few hours worth of billables. It doesn't even merit a blip in my business financials. If you can't afford the tools, the tools aren't for you. No shame in that. Move on to one of the dozens of alternatives and let the rest of us use the tools we need to make money under the payment model that is entirely appropriate to that class of software.
Rating: 9 Votes

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