Apple this afternoon sent out emails reminding customers in six U.S. states about upcoming sales tax holidays, which will allow customers in these areas to purchase Macs, iPads, and other products with reduced sales tax or no sales tax.

Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Virginia all have sales tax holidays coming up in August, with Apple outlining which products are eligible for the sales tax break in each state.

Every state has different rules for products that can be purchased during the tax holiday, so customers in Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Virginia should check out Apple's tax holiday website for specifics. Dates are as follows:

  • Florida - August 2-6
  • Massachusetts - August 17-18
  • Missouri - August 2-4
  • New Mexico - August 2-4
  • South Carolina - August 2-4
  • Virginia - August 2-4

Many Apple products are eligible for the promotion in each state, including Macs, iPads, the iPod touch, and accessories like the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, though there are varying dollar value caps in each state. Virginia's tax holiday is the most limited, applicable only to cell phone batteries and chargers with a value of $60 or less.

There were also sales tax holidays in Tennessee and Alabama, but those took place in July and are now over.

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palmerc2 Avatar
21 months ago
California, Illinois, and New York figuring out how to double sales tax those days haha.
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yanksfan114 Avatar
21 months ago
Wow. Used to be Apple would announce amazing new products and features that would wow customers. Nowadays they're sending out tax info. o_O Strange world.
They’ve done this for a long time
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konqerror Avatar
21 months ago
If I go to Massachusetts on Aug 17, 2019. Will I get Apple back to school deal ( free headphones + 100$ off) and no sales tax on Macbook Pro 2019?
I am totally confused. Should I wait till 17th or I should just buy MacBook with back to school deal?

Thank you!
I assume so. Keep in mind that it has to cost less than $2500 or normal tax will apply to the entire amount.
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Adam Warlock Avatar
21 months ago
Wow. Used to be Apple would announce amazing new products and features that would wow customers. Nowadays they're sending out tax info. o_O Strange world.
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nwcs Avatar
21 months ago
What’s the purpose of these tax holidays?

It seems odd to allow any period where you’d not collect sales tax.

if people can delay purchase to avoid taxes it means the services that are funded by them lose out.
Like most things in many governments, it is a way to appease the populace. State budgets are written with the knowledge they won’t have those funds collected so it doesn’t affect any services, etc. While it may be different per state, there are usually restrictions on what is tax free and there are limits to individual prices of items.
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konqerror Avatar
21 months ago
What’s the purpose of these tax holidays?

It seems odd to allow any period where you’d not collect sales tax.

if people can delay purchase to avoid taxes it means the services that are funded by them lose out.
US sales taxes generally avoid taxing living essentials. Taxability varies a lot by state, but generally food and medicine is exempt from state sales taxes (but restaurants aren't).

These sales tax holidays are intended to allow children to purchase clothing and school supplies tax-free for the upcoming school year. There's some variations on this theme, like Louisiana allows hurricane preparedness supplies tax-free at the same time. Computers are mixed in use, so only a subset of tax-holiday states exempt them.

Revenue lost on exempt items are made up on things that are taxed. People don't pay taxes on food, so the State will have a higher rate applied to normal sales, like cars and TVs.

It also serves as economic stimulus to retailers at a slow time of year. A lot of it is due to the hot weather and people not going out or are gone on vacation and nobody is buying shoes, pens and paper.
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