Apple CEO Tim Cook to Deliver 2019 Commencement Speech at Stanford

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to deliver Stanford's 2019 commencement speech on Sunday, June 16, the university announced today.

Stanford chose Cook because he has been a "prominent voice on ethics in technologies and businesses," with insights into the challenges facing corporations and society today.

According to Stanford, the issues that Cook has raised "dovetail" with the Stanford "Our Vision" planning process which advocates for research on the social and ethical impact of advances in science and tech and makes sure students have the tools to "address societal and ethical impacts of science and technology."
"‌Tim Cook‌ has spoken forcefully of the challenges and responsibilities confronting corporations and our society today," said Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne. "In tackling these, he has led with vision and values - qualities that reflect the culture of our Stanford community, and that are top-of-mind for our students and our country. Tim was a natural choice to challenge and encourage our graduates as they leave our campus and find their own paths in the world."
Cook said that he was honored to be invited to deliver the commencement address at Stanford.
"It's an honor to have been invited by Stanford's students and faculty, and I look forward to deepening the remarkable relationship that Stanford and Apple have built together over many years," Cook said. "We share so much more than geography. The passion, interests and creativity our institutions have in common have helped to revolutionize technology and reshape the world, and I can't wait to join graduates, as well as their family and friends, in celebrating the even brighter possibilities of the future."
Cook will also be delivering the keynote address to Tulane graduates at the university's 2019 commencement event, which is set to take place on May 18.

In the past, Cook has given commencement addresses at several universities, including his alma mater Auburn University, Duke University, George Washington University, and MIT.

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12 months ago
Whether he's wasting time giving speeches or actually working on Apple products, this guy's contributions are useless either way. Nothing of what he's done has made Apple products better. Dude may as well give speeches every day.
Rating: 31 Votes
12 months ago
I'm just gonna leave this here:

Rating: 26 Votes
12 months ago
"This is the best speech we've ever given."
Rating: 20 Votes
12 months ago
He gets invited to multiple universities. He's respected. But it's really hard to forget the Steve Jobs speech. One of my all time favorites. :)
Rating: 18 Votes
12 months ago
I believe the speech will go a little something like this...
Timmy Kook- "Graduates...I'll 'curate' you off the net if I don't like what you have to say. Now give me all of your money. I have emojis to make."
Rating: 9 Votes
12 months ago
The Steve Jobs Commencement Speech was one of the best speeches in recent history and it is being used in many places for public speaking training. And as far as I know, he did only one commencement speech in his life. And that was it.

How many times has Tim Cook done it? Quite a lot.
Is he any good at it ? Not really.

I think the reason could be he is trying to attract talents into working for Apple. Talent acquisition has been the biggest problem in the valley and in tech industry. Not only are Software Engineer have sky high salary they are also not easily moved.
Rating: 8 Votes
12 months ago
I guess having paid $ 50K in tuition for Stanford grands you the privilege of enduring the vapid pontifications of any CEO-turn-SJW social media butterfly.

It's like Tim will do literally anything for the photo-op and positive halo effect (cough China cough) other than deliver his company's fabled "pipeline".
Rating: 8 Votes
12 months ago
The next John Sculley.
Rating: 7 Votes
12 months ago
TC is making the rounds, he is an in-demand CEO. Good for him.
Rating: 6 Votes
12 months ago
The Steve Jobs commencement address was for my graduating class at Stanford. But I was too stupid to be there. I only needed one more credit in my last quarter so I completed it online from my home state of Florida. If I would have known that he was the speaker I would have flown back to CA for it. I only learned about the address when he passed away in 2011.
Rating: 6 Votes

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