New Apple Watch Series 4 Ad Promotes the 'Freedom of Cellular'

Apple today released a new Apple Watch Series 4 ad named "Flight" that promotes the "freedom of cellular."

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the one-minute spot shows a woman running on a windy day when a gust suddenly elevates her into the clouds, where she dances freely in the air before falling back into a lake surrounded by mountains. She then receives but declines a call on her ‌Apple Watch‌ Series 4.

Glazer, an award-winning British director, worked with World Champion air dancer Inka Tiitto to choreograph the performance and bring to life the feeling of freedom and weightless movement, according to Campaign.

The ad will premiere during the 2019 BRIT Awards tonight in the United Kingdom.

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12 months ago
Here is my Qualm:

I actually could justify using LTE with the Apple Watch, however, I can’t justify the $15 it will cost me additionally on my carrier bill month with the added fee of $10 and taxes, and to me, that’s more than I’m willing to spend just for the sake of having some notifications and other features. I really would like to see Apple and the carriers corroborate to implement some type of plan that would be more attractive to the user.

If you think about how expensive cellular monthly bills are already, and then you add another $12 to $13-ish on top of that, that’s not very attractive for something that somebody may infrequently use with the LTE function. I know it has its advantages for taking a call and leaving your phone behind, or streaming your music to your AirPods, etc. but I still wonder if the consumer wants to spend this type of money for something that they may not rely on as much as they think. And I think the additional cost can be offputting to want to take advantage of the LTE capability.
Rating: 21 Votes
12 months ago
Did I see that right? Was it touting the freedom to not accept calls—calls that she's paying ~$10/month to receive?
Rating: 19 Votes
12 months ago
Funny, cellular is far from "free" haha!
Rating: 11 Votes
12 months ago
Woman has a midlife crisis and falls into a deep depression.

She tries exercise (and consumerism) to help with it but is overwhelmed by feelings of fear and lack of control.

She decides to attempt suicide by drowning and for a brief time feels she has regained control.

She fails in her attempt and continues to shut out her friends who call to help her.

Weird ad.
Rating: 10 Votes
12 months ago
I think Apple is setting up their own extended universe akin to Marvel’s. In the AirPods ad, we had the guy who could dance on walls, the HomePod ad had a woman who could shift space and duplicate herself, and now we have a flying chick. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Rating: 9 Votes
12 months ago
Not going to pay extra to be able to talk via watch - i already have a phone, and when exercising nothing is so important that i have to answer to a call. If i know that i must be able to answer, i can carry my phone with me.. otherwise, the phone stays at home when im out.

Until i can replace my phone with a watch entirely, then i can get a cellular version of the watch and ditch my phone...
Rating: 9 Votes
12 months ago
I would say "If only Apple would portray the real world", but the last time they tried, they had a hipster child with a £800 iPad asking what a computer was...
Rating: 7 Votes
12 months ago
The Series 4 is right up there with AirPods for me as one of the best products they've made in a long time, I leave my phone at home now when running, music streaming, exercise tracking, messaging and making/taking calls on the move is a breeze with it.
Rating: 7 Votes
12 months ago
I own an iPhone X but I like to leave it at home when I’m not working. When I’m walking my dog or out for dinner, I’d rather be in the moment than be tempted by my phone.

But in this day and age, people are expected to always be in reach and there are privileges to being connected even if you don’t have a large screen to get lost into. A connected Watch can give you directions, it can let you coordinate meeting with friends, it can stream music or a podcast on your way there and it can alert you of breaking news or settle debates by asking Siri about a topic. Other apps like Things and my calendar remain in sync and yes, I can take an important call if need be.

An iPhone does a lot of what a Mac does, but it doesn’t mean that you only have to own one. There are tools that are better suited for different circumstances. And yes, there is this sense of freedom when you’re not anchored to your phone but still have the peace of mind of being connected. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to understand it. For me, there’s no going back.
Rating: 6 Votes
12 months ago
I wish my carrier would give me the freedom. Maybe in September.
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