Apple Music Users Able to Gift a Month Subscription to a Friend

Apple is today sending out notifications to Apple Music subscribers that, when tapped, allows them to send a referral to friend to sign up for a free one-month subscription to ‌Apple Music‌.

According to Apple, the referrals for a free month of service can only be sent to people who do not already subscribe to ‌Apple Music‌.

The person who signs up for the free trial will see their subscription renew after a month, or one month after the standard free trial.

That means people who have not used ‌Apple Music‌ before can get a total of four months of service for free, because Apple already offers a three month free trial for everyone.

Those who have already used a three month trial and then canceled may be able to get an additional month through this referral link.

Not all ‌Apple Music‌ users appear to be getting these notifications at this time, but we've seen multiple reports both from MacRumors readers and on Twitter.

Apple has promoted ‌Apple Music‌ in similar ways in the past, offering free trial extensions to those who previously signed up for ‌Apple Music‌.

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12 months ago
Why would I do that to a friend?
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12 months ago
It makes more sense to send them a link to the Apple Music ('') site where they are offered a free 3-month trial.
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12 months ago

After Apple music was released Apple ruined whole itunes app at ios. Thats for not even bother to use my free 3mo on service. Rather directly paying to spotify. Also seems apple have choise to change simplicy in many other major ios softwares (for example appstore) which is making whole ios experience way worse than before. I rather would like simple appstore and toplists like it was before and more intelligence search options in app store and itunes (genres) than bad user experience. In itunes I cant understand why I cant use choise shortcuts. For me Artists/Playlist/Songs is way more important than Library/Radio/Search. And of those 2 i have never used... and wouldnt never use library neither if it wouldnt be only options to handle youre music. And today u got only 3 shortcuts down when there is space for 4-5. I got huge libraries and also I cant understand why in playlists to see 1 cover picture and take space of 4 rows (playlists) for that, but in songs u see 6 songs (even that title (play/shuffle) are to large in for my taste just like album covers (under 4 covers in screen on iphone 6s). Only artists page is well done (8-9 artist name on screen).

And what are these apple music genres... those are more like joke. I listen eletronic music which have around 200 subgenres (most not even marked in wikipedia eletronic subgenre listing) but apple use Eletronic for everything... Well atleast "similar artists" has improved a lot in time of launch of apple music, but overall user experience is pretty bad.

I understood the first sentence. It was downhill after that.
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12 months ago
Screw a friend over with the gift of an auto-renewing subscription. Awesome idea Apple.
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12 months ago
So Apple is getting into network marketing. Okay I guess. I wonder if you can get a term life policy along with that trial membership. ;)

The conspiracy theorist in me says Apple's iPhone woes may have been worse than they claim. They seem to trying every budget marketing and sales technique known to man... all at the same time.

The pragmatist in me says Apple is just exploring alternative ways to reach customers.
The pragmatist in me drinks to much so what does he know. :p:D

Very nice of Apple not to mention free advertising.

You are not the product. But your friends? Your friends and family? Your friend's family and your family's friends? Product.:cool::p
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12 months ago

Why would I do that to a friend?

Why not?
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12 months ago
I was a day one subscriber in Canada, but bailed a month ago for Spotify. The interface for Apple Music is clumsy but more importantly, the music recommendations just don't work. Try as I might, I couldn't get the service to find new music for me – even after relentlessly liking and disliking songs. I kept getting the same lame top 40 pop and mass-market hip-hop.

After switching, I was exposed to many new artists I had never heard of within a couple weeks. Spotify doesn't ask you what you like when you sign up like Apple, so it takes them a little while of seeing what you like to start making recommendations, and the first playlist was already 25% good (for comparison, Apple Music would top out at 5% most weeks).

But what's worse though is that when I quit, I fired off an email explaining why I did to Tim and Eddy. To my surprise, a day later I got an email from an employee in Cupertino asking me to jump on a phone call so they could understand why I was leaving. I thought this was neat, and I agreed. A few days later I had a long conversation about my thoughts and at the end, the person went on and on thanking me and saying how much Apple valued serious music fans like myself. They asked if I wouldn't mind a follow up sit down with an Apple engineer and I was very impressed! Maybe Apple really did care about its users.

The person said they would follow up with a call and then a meeting but instead just disappeared. It's been weeks, not a word back.

I'm sure their time is valuable, and they just decided my feedback wasn't worth it. But guess what? My time is valuable too. So is my money, and it's going to Spotify now for the foreseeable future.
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12 months ago
Why should I promote Apple music for free?
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12 months ago

It makes more sense to send them a link to the Apple Music ('') site where they are offered a free 3-month trial.

"That means people who have not used Apple Music before can get a total of four months of service for free, because Apple already offers a three month free trial for everyone. "
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12 months ago
I have been an Apple Music user since this day, we still don’t have reliable notification for new albums of the artists that I follow, the “for you” playlist is mediocre at best and still no option to download all the songs in my library at once.

Does Eddie Cue spend his whole day hanging out with athletes and Hollywood elites?
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