Microsoft Passes Apple to Become Most Valuable U.S. Company

Microsoft today surpassed Apple to become the world's most valuable publicly traded company as a result of Apple's continually declining share price, reports Business Insider.

Microsoft has reached a market capitalization of approximately $814 billion, while Apple's is now slightly less.

Apple earlier this year became the world's only trillion dollar publicly traded company, but it lost that status in November and its market cap has steadily declined since then over concerns of weak iPhone sales and its announcement that it will no longer share iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales on a unit basis.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft's market cap has not previously matched Apple's since mid-2010, eight years ago.

Microsoft's growing cloud business and strong PC sales made Microsoft one of the few tech companies to grow in value following its September quarter earnings results. Apple's valuation, meanwhile, has fallen more than 20 percent since its own earnings results.

Microsoft shares hit a high of $105.94 in intra-day trading, while Apple's have dropped to a low of $170.27. As stock prices fluctuate, Microsoft and Apple are now competing for the most valuable company title with the lead company shifting back and forth.

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15 months ago
Good. The sooner Apple hits the ground with their insane pricing practices, the sooner we get better products at lower prices.
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15 months ago
Well this is what happens when you focus on profits over people and you lose focus. The product lineup is overly expensive and confusing. The Macbook weighs less than the MacBook Air? C'mon. You don't sell the Timecapsule anymore because you don't update it and then say that it's not updated enough?
Rating: 127 Votes
15 months ago
Apple hasn’t been “Apple” since Steve Jobs died
Rating: 114 Votes
15 months ago
Incoming price increase to make up the gap!
Rating: 112 Votes
15 months ago
Well deserved!! Tim Cook transformed Apple into a greedy fashionable brand, milking a loyal customer base for as much money as possible!!
Rating: 91 Votes
15 months ago
Will there be a watch band edition to commemorate this occasion?
Rating: 75 Votes
15 months ago
I can't afford to play in Apple's world anymore. Cost of living has gone up too much and my salary hasn't kept up so luxuries like Apple stuff are going the wayside. I hate to say it because I've always loved their stuff, but I think my next laptop will be a PC and my next phone will be a droid. It's been nice while it lasted.
Rating: 68 Votes
15 months ago
What ruined Apple wasn’t growth … They got very greedy … Instead of following the original trajectory of the original vision, which was to make the thing an appliance and get this out there to as many people as possible … they went for profits. They made outlandish profits for about four years. One of the most profitable companies in America for four years. And what that cost them was their future. - Steve Jobs, 1995
Rating: 62 Votes
15 months ago
Good for MSFT. They are the more interesting company right now. Time to add some gold to the iPhones and remove some more material from your iPads, Tim Cook. Set your innovation dial to 11!
Rating: 52 Votes
15 months ago
Well done Tim

Your greed paid off for one quarter, got your bonus, and now Apple is tanked
Rating: 45 Votes

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