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Verizon and Apple Team Up to Offer VZW Unlimited Subscribers Six Free Months of Apple Music

Verizon and Apple today announced a new partnership which will see Verizon Unlimited customers able to sign up to receive six months of Apple Music for free.

Starting on Thursday, August 16, both new and existing customers who have one of Verizon's Unlimited wireless plans can access a special offer for six months of Apple Music at no cost. Following this period, the subscription will be priced at $9.99 per month, the standard cost for an Apple Music subscription.

This is available to both new and existing Apple Music subscribers. According to Verizon, current Apple Music subscribers will get the same six months of free service as new subscribers, but will be required to cancel and reactivate their Apple Music subscriptions.

Verizon says that once registered, its VZW Unlimited customers will have full access to Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, HomePod, CarPlay, PC, and Android devices, and the company has promised additional offers in the future through the Apple partnership.
"This first-of-its-kind offer is just the first step in an exclusive partnership with Apple," said Angie Klein, vice president of marketing, Verizon. "It gives our customers exactly what they want: Apple's best-in-class music streaming experience, paired with an unlimited plan tailored to them, on the network they deserve. And now that you can mix and match our unlimited plans, every person in your family can stream worry-free on the unlimited plan they need, without paying for things they don't - and enjoy all the music they want for six months free with Apple Music with this exclusive offer in the U.S."
Apple normally offers new subscribers three months of free access to Apple Music, so this is double the normal trial period.

Verizon offers three unlimited plans, priced starting at $75 for a single line. All plans offer unlimited text, talk, and LTE data, but offer varying video quality and mobile hotspot limits.

The cheapest Go Unlimited plan includes 480p video streaming and unlimited mobile hotspot access at 600kb/s. The middle tier Beyond Unlimited Plan offers 720p video streaming and 15GB of LTE hotspot data, while the higher-end plan offers up 720p video streaming, 20GB of LTE hotspot data, and other perks like Mexico and Canada Text and Data, and five TravelPasses per month.

Verizon's cheapest plan offers unlimited LTE data, but warns that customers could be throttled at times of peak usage. The Beyond Unlimited plan lets customers use 22GB of LTE data before throttling, while the Above Unlimited plan provides customers with 75GB of unlimited LTE data before throttling kicks in at times of peak congestion.

Verizon will be providing more information about the partnership with Apple Music on its website on August 16.

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6 days ago at 03:53 pm
Lets see, T-Mobile will pay my netflix bill, sprint will pay my hulu bill... and Verizon gives you... a 6 month trial of Apple music? Weak.
Rating: 24 Votes
6 days ago at 04:06 pm
Can I just get $10 back every month off my bill for half of the year?

You know, the same monthly total of $10 Verizon has added in small incremental "administrative" fees and surcharges over the past year?
Rating: 8 Votes
6 days ago at 04:13 pm
I use Verizon because I live in “Rural” Nebraska. I put that in quotes because I live all of 8 long desolate miles from Omaha, but even that short distance is enough to make all but Verizon a very iffy proposition.
Rating: 5 Votes
6 days ago at 03:54 pm
Not sure how this bundling will work any better than the previous free trials without Verizon, but I suppose marketing people need to constantly pitch something new.
Rating: 4 Votes
6 days ago at 04:11 pm

Lets see, T-Mobile will pay my netflix bill, sprint will pay my hulu bill... and Verizon gives you... a 6 month trial of Apple music? Weak.


In the end, I would rather they just lower the cost of my bill by how much this service costs. I can decide on my own what I want to be subscribed to. Of course, I realize this is not how bundling and partnerships work . . . but as both a Verizon and Apple Music subscriber, I can wish.

A week ago, on a whim I sat down and tallied up my total monthly subscription costs (minus wireless and home Internet bills, which for whatever reason are separate in my mind). I am still disturbed; and I only have myself to blame, really (though I did try to pin some of the blame on another).
Rating: 3 Votes
6 days ago at 05:33 pm

Hmmm we have the family membership with Apple Music. Damn.

I was thinking the same thing... would be nice if they would at least knock the 9.99 off us family planners.

Seems like the family plan is always left out.
Rating: 2 Votes
6 days ago at 05:18 pm
Hmmm we have the family membership with Apple Music. Damn.
Rating: 2 Votes
6 days ago at 05:02 pm

Is Verizon any good? Service wise? I currently have T-Mobile and have been thinking about jumping ship. Im in NYC and T-Mobiles data gets SO SLOW during times of congestion to the point where I can't even send an iMessage *my plan claims its not supposed to get slow during so*. Also went to the beach in Long Island and had ZERO service. My partner who is on my plan didn't have service either. TMobiles coverage map claims I should have service everywhere. Thank god there were no emergencies because if not I would've been f*cked.

I have Xfinity Mobile, which uses the Verizon network, and I love the service speed and coverage. I used to be an AT&T costumer, but I hated, and was with TMobile for about a year, but I had the same problems you currently have, congestions and slow speeds, so I decided to switch Xfinity Mobile since the prices are good and I heard they used VZW network. I'm very happy with my service :) I do live in CA but I'm assuming the coverage and speed in NYC must be good.
Rating: 2 Votes
6 days ago at 04:55 pm

Better than AT&T... They just tell you to kick rocks.

Hey now I get a discount on my DirecTV because I’m an AT&T customer. My bill is still $324/mo for both though. :oops:
Rating: 2 Votes
6 days ago at 04:41 pm
Officially out of ideas.

Just send them your cash.
Rating: 2 Votes

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