A new Father's Day-themed Apple Pay Promo is providing customers who spend at least $100 in the Nike app with a $20 gift code, according to emails Apple sent out to Apple Pay customers this afternoon.

The offer is valid from June 7 to June 11 and requires customers to make a $100 purchase using Apple Pay in Nike's app. The $20 code is not provided at the time of purchase, but will be delivered within two weeks of purchase.

The $20 promo code must be redeemed by August 25 on a separate Nike app purchase. Apple is also promoting the Apple Store, StubHub, and Newegg as recommendations for Father's Day.

Apple regularly sends out Apple Pay promotional emails to customers with discounts on a range of products. Recent deals have included $15 off flowers for Mother's Day and 10 percent off furniture from Hayneedle.

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otozuz Avatar
65 months ago
For a moment my eyes read “Make dad pay” in the graphic lol
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OneMike Avatar
65 months ago
$40 snickers at Costco are just as good if not better then a pair of $200 Nike’s.

Keep your worthless $20 discount.
Let me be the first to say, what?

Nike is good.
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OneMike Avatar
65 months ago
Nike is overpriced. It costs Nike an average of $30 to make the shoes. And then you end up paying insane price for the name.

Any product that has Nike logo costs more. It’s just plain silly to pay more for something that has no value in it.

A $10 T-shirt with Banana Republic logo, can cost as much as $50, just because of the name.

No thanks.
Apple is overpriced And if you didn’t buy their products you likely wouldn’t be on this forum. Everything is overpriced unless you make it yourself so that’s a bad argument.
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