Apple Expands Indoor Maps Availability at Airports and Malls


Apple recently expanded the indoor mapping feature first introduced in iOS 11 to new locations, including the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport and indoor malls located in Dallas and Houston, Texas. The additions were noted on Apple's Feature Availability page for iOS 11.

At launch, indoor maps were only available in a handful of airports and malls around the world, but Apple has been steadily adding additional mall and airport maps.

Indoor maps are now available in more than 35 of the largest airports in the world, while indoor mall maps are available in a select number of cities in the United States and Europe, including Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Jose, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Apple's indoor mapping feature provides full layouts of each mall or airport location with icons for restaurants, elevators, bathrooms, shops, and other notable landmarks. Different floors are clearly marked, making it easy to navigate through unknown areas.

At airports, Maps users can see the location of gates, terminals security checkpoints, check-in desks, and baggage claim areas, which can be helpful when in a new location. As for malls, stores can be filtered by categories like clothes, beauty, food, and shoes, making it quicker to find what you're looking for.

A full list of all of the airports and mall locations where the Apple Maps indoor mapping feature can be used is available on Apple's website.

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genovelle Avatar
35 months ago

After today’s announcements by Google, Apple’s got a lot more to worry about than indoor mapping.

Don’t get me wrong, this is handy. However, the AI race is leaving them behind.

Do you really believe this unannounced update is all Apple has been working on for the last year? Google comes out with a lot of flash that no one ever uses. Add up the last 4 years of innovation from them where the story was Apple is loosing the battle and the count the number of those things that ever made it to market and of those that did and anyone ever used them, how many encouraged a single sale or is still in use today. In fact many of those features required the latest OS which almost nobody has to this day.
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rcooked Avatar
35 months ago
After today’s announcements by Google, Apple’s got a lot more to worry about than indoor mapping.

Don’t get me wrong, this is handy. However, the AI race is leaving them behind.

Still no indoor map for ATL? It’s only the busiest airport in the world.

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ugahairydawgs Avatar
35 months ago

Why is Apple wasting their time and money on this? Even if they caught up with Google in terms of street view and indoor maps,(long way to go) it wouldn’t benefit us users. We don’t need another maps option. Try listening to your customers and maybe give them features we actually want and care about. Thank you :)

As someone who hasn’t used anything other than Apple Maps for years now, I appreciate their constant updates and desire to make the service better.
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justperry Avatar
35 months ago

Whoa! Slow down there bud! We’re talking about one single app. You went a little overboard with all that nonsense! All I’m saying is that they are wasting there time and effort with this. How many times have you heard someone requesting Apple make a better maps app? Wouldn’t you rather have them use those resources to develop something else? Lets say, a less buggy iOS? Or a better design to charge the Apple pencil? Or a new MacPro? I know I would.
Well then you dont know what your missing. Just try another one and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed.
We don’t need another map app. Especially one thats still years behind the competition. Wouldn’t you rather them use that resource elsewhere like developing a less buggy iOS, features that customers actually request, or you know, a new MacPro? I know I sure would.

Apple Maps is much better than what you say it is, comparable to Google.
I find Apple Maps to be more accurate than Google.
I don't like google to know my whereabouts, they use that information for things I don't like, like the "For you" they just announced, for adds amongst others.
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Creek0512 Avatar
35 months ago

One feature that caught my eye is wireless Android Auto. Perhaps CarPlay gets there, but I’m sick of having to plug in to use it - completely sucks when wanting to use my phone to pay at Starbucks (or wherever).

CarPlay got there 3 years ago when Wireless CarPlay was introduced in iOS9. But please continue ranting about how Apple will never catch up to features they've had for years.
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Creek0512 Avatar
35 months ago

Why is Apple wasting their time and money on this? Even if they caught up with Google in terms of street view and indoor maps,(long way to go) it wouldn’t benefit us users. We don’t need another maps option. Try listening to your customers and maybe give them features we actually want and care about. Thank you :)

In that case, Apple should just close it's doors. What do you need any iPhone for when there are thousands of Android phones to choose from? Or better yet, just get a Nokia or Motorola phone, those still exist, right? Same with the Mac, just pick any of hundreds of Windows PC, or an IBM computer. You don't need an option from Apple, what good has competition ever brought consumers?
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