Showrunner for Upcoming 'Amazing Stories' Series Exits After Apple Requests Family Friendly Content

Bryan Fuller, who was set to serve as showrunner on Apple's upcoming "Amazing Stories" reboot has opted to cut ties with Apple over creative differences, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Fuller is said to have wanted to turn "Amazing Stories" into a Black Mirror-style show, while Apple is aiming for a more family friendly series.

"Amazing Stories," which Apple picked up in October, is a science fiction and horror series created by Steven Spielberg. It originally ran on NBC from 1985 to 1987, and during the two years that it aired, the show won five Emmy Awards. The show focused on a new topic each episode, similar to "Tales From the Crypt" and Twilight Zone."

Fuller has been involved with "Amazing Stories" since 2015, and was originally set to write the script for the show before Steven Spielberg became involved. Fuller has, in the past, ended several other projects because of creative and financial differences, including "American Gods" and "Star Trek: Discovery."

Previous rumors have suggested that Apple wants to produce television shows with broad appeal that are also tame enough to be shown in an Apple Store. The company is said to be shying away from content that includes nudity, raw language, and violence, and it has reportedly turned down edgier content.

Apple is planning to create 10 new episodes of "Amazing Stories," with plans to spend more than $5 million per episode. "Amazing Stories" is not yet in production and it's not clear when the series will launch.

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26 months ago
like it or not, apple will have to embrace things that aren’t kid friendly in order to compete in the tv market
Rating: 37 Votes
26 months ago
This is really pathetic on Apples part, it’s wrong in quite a few ways to have that approach.
Rating: 36 Votes
26 months ago
Yay for Apple. I can't watch hardly any of the original series on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, or Hulu with kids in the room. We need more family friendly shows that aren't cartoons. There's no need for the gratuitous language and sex that is prevalent in most of these shows.
Rating: 27 Votes
26 months ago
I'm with Apple on this one.
Rating: 23 Votes
26 months ago
the article says nothing about "apple wanted family friendly." All it says is that apple didn't want "black mirror." Since apple bought "amazing stories," which is a well-known show with a well-known aesthetic, not surprising they didn't go along with the bait and switch.
Rating: 18 Votes
26 months ago
So in less than a year Bryan Fuller has left 3 high profile projects, sounds like he's just impossible to work with.
Rating: 16 Votes
26 months ago

"Apple definitely wants to be like HBO, analysts know nothing!"

-Jason Snell/John Gruber


As much as I love HBO, violence, sex, and generally non-family friendly can you not see that there's an untapped market here? Imagine NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC friendly content with the quality of paid television like HBO. Amazing Stories is a perfect example for it too.
Rating: 15 Votes
26 months ago

This is really pathetic on Apples part, it’s wrong in quite a few ways to have that approach.

How so? Please provide reasons.

Amazing Stories was a family friendly show. It was on Sundays at 7 or 8 pm I believe. Not your typical Black mirror fare. It sounds like Apple just wants to continue in the honor of the original show. Why tarnish its legacy by turning it into a Black Mirror rip off? I love Black Mirror but I also loved Amazing Stories. I for one am glad they stopped this guy from choosing the lazy route.
Rating: 14 Votes
26 months ago
Anyone that watched the original Amazing Stories knows that Black Mirror is not that same aesthetic. This show is more in line with a light-hearted version of Twilight Zone. I don't all of Apple's content should be rated G, but clearly, they want to keep the feel of the original series. I hope they get it right. That was an amazingly creative show that helped launch a ton of careers.
Rating: 13 Votes
26 months ago

This is really pathetic on Apples part, it’s wrong in quite a few ways to have that approach.

I fully support them in this for several reasons.

1. They are writing the checks, they get to decide what content they want to pay for.

2. I am super tired of the idea that only raunchy, not family friendly content, can convey mature stories.

Please, lets have some good mature stories that don't resort to language or sex to tantalize the audience.
Rating: 13 Votes

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