App Store Sees Record-Breaking $300 Million in Purchases on New Year's Day

The App Store had a record-breaking holiday season according to a new press release issued by Apple this afternoon. During the week starting on Christmas Eve, a record number of customers made App Store purchases, spending more than $890 million in that seven-day period.

On New Year's Day 2018 alone, customers made $300 million in purchases. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said the company is "thrilled" with the reaction to the revamped App Store that was introduced as part of iOS 11.

"We are thrilled with the reaction to the new App Store and to see so many customers discovering and enjoying new apps and games," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "We want to thank all of the creative app developers who have made these great apps and helped to change people's lives. In 2017 alone, iOS developers earned $26.5 billion -- more than a 30 percent increase over 2016."
According to Apple, popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go topped the App Store charts on December 21 after new AR features were introduced. Apple says there are close to 2,000 ARKit-enabled apps on the App Store, with popular titles including CSR Racing 2, Stack AR, Kings of Pool, Amazon, Wayfair, Night Sky, Pitu, and Snapchat.

Apple's ARKit mention comes following a report that has suggested interest in ARKit apps is waning. App Store data shared yesterday by Apptopia suggests developers have been releasing fewer ARKit-compatible apps over the course of the last two months.

Apple in iOS 11 introduced a new App Store that separates apps and games into distinct categories for improved app discovery. The redesigned App Store also features a "Today" section that's updated on a daily basis with new and popular apps and games.

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25 months ago
Meanwhile, on other app stores....

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25 months ago
considering that a lot of apps are unnecessarily turning into the subscription model, this isn't surprising.
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25 months ago
2012 was the last time that I bought an app :) :) :)
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25 months ago
Well that’s 90 million $ for Apple in one day..
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25 months ago
Let that sink in for a moment: $890M in seven days.
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25 months ago
Those are insane numbers.
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25 months ago

That's Google's cover story for trailing way behind Baidu for internet search at the time.

Google had almost 30% of the China search market and was growing rapidly before they decided in 2010 that they would not censor. After China retaliated by blocking them, they dropped to almost nothing.

Of course, part of that is just the protectionism aspect of Chinese government control. It's not just for censorship purposes.

What’s the difference? China “protects” its government, not the people.
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25 months ago
Alexa App download was the TOP #1 . It is free and also pretty much a slap to Siri.
Seems as if the latest posts here were paid by Apple itself lol. Just saying!
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25 months ago

One standard online practice is to use


to alert readers of sarcasm.

For many people on the Internet, English is not their native tongue and identifying sarcasm is often challenging, especially if sarcasm is not frequently used in their own language.

In a real-world conversation, there may be visual or verbal cues to indicate sarcasm, but none of those work in online interactions.

That's why there are recognized abbreviations and things like smilies/emoji/etc.


I'd usually agree but I did use a much more powerful sign/symbol that has been around since long before the internet: suspension points (ellipsis). (...) :

I thought Apple didn't disclose sales numbers......


"I thought Apple didn't disclose sales numbers....."


"I thought Apple didn't disclose sales numbers."
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25 months ago
... and there are still people on this forum waiting for some Mac Mini announcement and can't figure out why it hasn't happened.
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