14 and 18-Core iMac Pros May Arrive Sooner Than Expected [Updated]

While deliveries of the first 8 and 10-core iMac Pro orders are set to begin as soon as next week, customers who opted for upgraded 14 or 18-core options were given shipping estimates ranging from 6 to 8 weeks for the machine when ordering.

It appears the 6 to 8 week estimate may not be quite accurate for all orders, as MacRumors reader Adam, who ordered a top-of-the-line machine with an 18-core processor, has received an updated delivery estimate of January 8 to January 9, which will be just a little over three weeks after the iMac Pro was first was ordered.

MacRumors forum member gobluejd has also received a sooner-than-expected shipping estimate for his 14-core iMac Pro, which will arrive on January 9 to 10 instead of the end of January.

Other customers who purchased 14 and 18-core machines may also be seeing updated delivery estimates from Apple, though on Apple's site, iMac Pro orders placed today still list the same 6 to 8 week shipping estimate for high-end iMac Pro configurations.

It's likely that once initial orders go out, Apple will be able to improve those shipping estimates for new orders.

Customers who ordered 8 and 10-core machines will begin receiving their orders in the near future, as some iMac Pro orders started shipping just this morning in the United States and Canada.

The iMac Pro is still listed as unavailable in retail stores. Apple said the new machine would be available in stores by the middle of this week, a deadline that's been missed, but we could still see them in pop up in stores on Friday or Saturday.

Apple's iMac Pro is a workstation-class machine aimed at professional users who have demanding workflows. The iMac Pro supports up to an 18-core Xeon W processor, 128GB ECC RAM, an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics card with 16GB of HBM2 memory, and up to 4TB of SSD storage.

Pricing on the iMac Pro starts at $4,999 and goes up to $13,199 for a fully maxed out model.

Update: Some customers who received emails letting them know their orders will arrive early have received second emails informing them that the original emails were sent accidentally, so it is not clear if 14 and 18-core iMac Pro orders are indeed going to be arriving early.

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27 months ago
imac pro is a bit too cheap, should start at $9999
Rating: 10 Votes
27 months ago
And the reason to spend that much on an "iMac" is? Its barely upgradeable so to call it "pro" is pure marketing.
Rating: 6 Votes
27 months ago

WTH is wrong with you? Please don’t suggest anything. If you want throw away your money, then please send all to me - I am more than happy to spend it all.

Clearly you don't get the sarcasm... Jesus SMH
Rating: 6 Votes
27 months ago

Speak for yourself, dude.

I wouldn’t mind being able to easily upgrade RAM and SSD, but I can live without it. And RAM upgrades in dome limited fashion will apparently be possible.

Three to four years down the road, it’s time for a new machine anyway.

Upgrading the CPU hasn’t been realistic in a long, long time, as it almost invariably comes with the need for a new socket and/or chipset, i.e. you might as well get a new logic board. Oh, and your RAM is no longer the most efficient type. And further and further down the rabbit hole. Just get a new machine.

The “pro” snobbery gets old, doesn’t it? The only “pro” is a “pro” like me... Ugh.

Anyone using a computer these days for computationally intensive work is probably replacing machines every few years as you suggest. And any serious “pro” is going to buy what they need when they buy a new machine, not buy the entry level model with an eye towards upgrading. My guess is most of the “pro” users on this forum complaining endlessly about upgradability aren’t really “pro” at all.

The one upgrade that does make sense to me is the GPU. If the trash can Mac Pro had been compatible with any number of standard cards, I don’t think anyone would have complained about upgradability.

I see expansion as the bigger issue. A lot of professional users, especially those in creative fields, need storage. Having a rat’s nest of cables and external drives is a turn off. I get that.

That said, there are still numerous professional users who don’t care about either expansion or upgradability. For them the iMac Pro is a fantastic option.
Rating: 5 Votes
27 months ago
im hoping the non iMac pros come in this color, its very nice looking.
Rating: 4 Votes
27 months ago
Although i don't need it at all, each time I read about imac pro i feel strong urge to order at least 18 core model
Rating: 4 Votes
27 months ago

For that much $ it should have been at the persons door upon payment confirmation.
Just saying:D

not sure why people think this is expensive. please list similar parts on the pc side and then add in a 5k monitor. if that comes well under $5k, then I can see the argument that the iMac pro is expensive compared to similar spec'ed pc. this is not a computer you buy to browse the web or post to fb. this is for heavy photo and high quality video editing.
Rating: 4 Votes
27 months ago

What Apple still doesn't get is that no Pro user wants a non-upgradeable machine and this one enforces their arrogance and desire to enforce this concept on consumers.

This is why prices for even discontinued & unsupported Mac Pros from 2009 even get substantial prices online. Apple just doesn't get it.
Timmy understands "Shiny Things" and has no concept of the pro market. Apple is adrift in an Emoji crisis that will have short term gains. Apple has gone from Insanely Different to Insanely Goofy.

Oh, and finally to add insult to injury, iPhone 7's are partially sold out on Glyde in a bunch of types.
I really think Apple has botched its last most important rollouts through various glitches, demo errors, and now Battery-Gate.

I really think Timmy needs to go.

Clearly you do nothing professional and don't get it. Why do you think the NEW Mac Pro in a tiny small black box didn't sell? Because it didn't look pretty enough? LOL

You don’t speak for all users. The iMac Pro is for those pros who are currently using iMacs, but need more. It’s nothing to do with arrogantly enforcing some concept—some pros prefer all in ones. Others want a modular, upgradable Mac Pro, and that’s coming next year.

But please stop spreading bad info. Upgrading the memory doesn’t void the warranty. You can have Apple do it, or an authorized service center, your local Mom and Pop, or even do it yourself if you’re able.

However most pros will order what they need from the start. If they need 128GB they’re not going to order 32 or 64 with the thought of adding more later in a year or two, since that means they’d have a poor-performing machine from day one, until that upgrade. If they need 64 or 128 to do their work, they know it and order it. And if their initial requirements change, they can upgrade.

And the cylinder did sell, Apple have said so themselves. The problem is it can’t meet the requirements of certain pros—those who need one, power hungry video card, especially nVidia. (Or any other PCIe add on card, for the that matter.) Apple misread the future and designed themselves into a corner with one CPU+ dual, smaller GPUs. That market didn’t really develop.

With the triangle inside the cylinder, there was no way to satisfy the big CPU + big GPU need of some pros. eGPUs over Thunderbolt 2 don’t perform well enough to meet the requirement. So they have to bring something different to market.

To make matters worse, they took too long to realize they needed something new. The new generation Xeons that were recently released won’t show up in a Mac Pro until later next year. A couple years ago the roadmap was probably just to refresh the cylinder. Doing a reset and starting over (too late) with a new design messed up the timing.

There should have been a Mac Pro released along with the iMac Pro. But better to take the time to do it right then try to rush something out.

Apple isn’t perfect, and when they make mistakes they try to fix them. New modular, upgradable Mac Pros are coming if that’s what you want, but you’ll have to wait. Ranting about “emoji crisis”, demos, batteries, Glyde (whatever that is), “shiny things” and Mr. Cook is not really productive. It’s just useless, self-inflicted drama—needless distractions of time and energy that do nothing to advance your priorities in any way.
Rating: 4 Votes
27 months ago

WTH is wrong with you? Please don’t suggest anything. If you want throw away your money, then please send all to me - I am more than happy to spend it all.

That's exactly what Tim Cook said.
Rating: 4 Votes
27 months ago
Right well I just spent £2700 - vat of my company's money on a new Apple laptop. Had to cos software and hassle of switching to Win 10.

But I was ripped off by Apple, we all know it. A similar price Win PC gets you so much more.

But the new iMac is the straw that broke the camels back. Its the iMac ( without the additional cores ) that their normal customers should be getting, given the price.

And the fact that its taken them this long to come up with something that if expanded matches the current level professional PC build, but for twice the price.

For that price you could get a 18 Core + 2 x 1080Ti + 128 GB Memory + 2 x M.2 + Ultrawide Screen + everything else and still have money to spare.
Rating: 4 Votes

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