Apple CEO Tim Cook Again Urges Congress to Take Action on DACA

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch today teamed up to write an opinion piece in The Washington Post urging Congress to create a legislative solution to protect those affected by the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

DACA, for those unfamiliar, gives illegal immigrants who entered the United States at age 16 or younger work permits and protection from deportation by two-year deferral. Many of those protected by DACA have been in the United States for most of their lives.

Cook and Koch say they often disagree on political issues, but are "firmly aligned" on DACA. "This extraordinary set of circumstances has brought the two of us together as co-authors," reads the letter.

In the missive, Cook and Koch point out that there are 690,000 "dreamers" aka children of immigrants who may not be able to enjoy another holiday season in the United States as a result of DACA. The two urge Congress to "show the courage to embrace diversity and to do what is right."
We have no illusions about how difficult it can be to get things done in Washington, and we know that people of good faith disagree about aspects of immigration policy. If ever there were an occasion to come together to help people improve their lives, this is it. By acting now to ensure that dreamers can realize their potential by continuing to contribute to our country, Congress can reaffirm this essential American ideal.
Cook and Koch ask Congress to work quickly to come up with a solution before the end of the year to "bring certainty and security to the lives of dreamers."
No society can truly flourish when a significant portion of its people feel threatened or unable to fulfill their potential. Nor can it prosper by excluding those who want to make positive contributions. This isn't just a noble principle; it's a basic fact, borne out through our national history.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has been advocating for new DACA legislation since United States President Donald Trump announced plans to phase out DACA back in September. At that time, he promised Apple would work with members of Congress to come up with a legislative solution that will continue to protect the children of immigrants.

Apple is also working with impacted Apple employees to provide support, including access to immigration experts. Apple employs 250 "dreamers" or children of illegal immigrants who came to the United States at a young age and have lived in the country since then.

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22 months ago
I wanna throw up.

Tim Cook is reprehensible

I would like to urge the Apple board to initiate phase one of looking for a successor CEO

Apple deserves better than this rabid VIRTUE SIGNALING china pandering globalist who can't respect election results and the wishes of American citizens, much like the rest of silicon valley and thinks he speaks on behalf of EVERYONE while pushing diversity as a top agenda (irony?)

Out the white male that is Tim Cook, if that's what they want to do and believe in. That would be a good Place to start
Rating: 25 Votes
22 months ago
I wonder how many illegals work at Apple.
Rating: 22 Votes
22 months ago
Degenerate business leaders desperate for cheap labor.
Rating: 20 Votes
22 months ago
How about we urge Apple to actually pay some taxes
Rating: 16 Votes
22 months ago
Apple will be pushing iOS 11.2.2 soon, with DACA functionality enabled, while breaking many other things in the process.

I wonder how many illegals work at Apple.

"Undocumented immigrants" please

The word illegals upsets someone, somewhere.

Feelings before facts. Always.
Rating: 15 Votes
22 months ago

Good for the two of them. Congress needs to act on this issue, instead of kicking the can down the road, so it's good to see two major business leaders team up and offer their views.

DACA was created by Obama specifically to "kick the can down the road" granting temporary visas (operative word temporary) to people that have no right being here in the first place.

Doomed if you keep it in place, and doomed if you don't. Can't win either way.

That’s a lot of salt! Do you speak for everyone? If not, who does?

I offer an alternating viewpoint from the bubble that is Silicon Valley, and the media, and Hollywood, and low energy "resistance" fighters who really just impress upon people their worst selfs to society and serve no other
Purpose, much less some genuine semblance of resistance or Cohesive plan for what the alternative path should be, beyond the obvious of hell on earth and perpetual hysterical misery and socialism.

Sorry that is upsetting: Diversity of opinion. What a crying shame we don't all think alike all the time on absolutely everything

I would also argue Timmy is the one being salty, and not letting go, of predatorily seeking low wages and dressing it up as something more. He should be doing his job
Which is running the biggest tech brand in the world. Not writing crap blog posts on Bezos' propaganda rag.
Rating: 14 Votes
22 months ago
Tim Cook stands with "dreamers" before American citizens. In fact American citizens aren't even an after thought in his master plan

Allow that to permeate your cranium
Rating: 13 Votes
22 months ago

My God, you are cruel. Have you travelled much? Remember, karma is a bitch! And remember, the US once belonged to the Native Americans!!! Open your eyes, we outside of the USA are truly horrified with how your country is currently operating! GMO food, worst food in the world, 1 in 2 cancer, 70% reliant on medicine, 8 hours a day TV watching, 70% obesity. 1 in 2 children type 2 diabetes. That to me signals a very very sick country. Probably, the sickest in the entire world.
The DACA can teach every one a great deal and I applaud them. Diversity is what makes a country great!

If you think that lowly of America, perhaps you can leave?

Enforcing borders and immigration law isn't gonna stop America from being a melting pot. That's naive.

And letting illegals do their thing without going through the process, pisses off legitimate immigrants that did do the right thing and jumped through all the hurdles in order to live out the American dream. It's offensive to them too.
Rating: 12 Votes
22 months ago
Cut it out Tim.

Your virtue signaling is getting boring.

Here’s an idea: open a location where your employees get deported to.

Then they can still work for Apple.

Problem solved.
Rating: 12 Votes
22 months ago

I think you put way to much stock in the weight of your words if you think it’s getting anyone upset. You come off as a caricature of the alt-right hate machine. Reminds me of a buddy of mine that’s become so obsessed and angry over the past few years that none of our friends invite him to anything anymore, because he can’t just have a nice time without becoming toxic. I feel sorry for people like you.

You just loosely throw out words and hope they'll stick/constitute an argument.

"Alt-right hate machine?" Lulz.

Give me a break. I can see you aren't interested in discussion, just name calling

"Weight of my words" yeah this is a forum. Last I checked we communicate using words. I do place weight on my words when I post. Doesn't everyone ? You're gonna scold me for articulating instead of groaning and being incomprehensible?

So predicable. Feel sorry for yourself And being adamant to never want to expand your mind/remain ignorant always... must be painful and a lot of upkeep.

don't feel sorry for me One bit :p

I also don't cry about election results like it's still November 2016. I acknowledge the date is December 2017.
Rating: 12 Votes
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