Apple Seeds Tenth Beta of iOS 11 to Developers and Public Beta Testers

Apple today seeded the tenth beta of iOS 11 to developers for testing purposes, just under one week after releasing the ninth beta and three months after introducing the new update at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Registered developers can download the new iOS 11 beta from the Apple Developer Center or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed. A new beta has also been made available for Apple's public beta testing group.

iOS 11 brings several new design changes like a customizable Control Center and a new Lock screen that's been merged with the Notification Center. Peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments are coming in the Messages app, which is also gaining a new App Drawer, and there's a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature that's meant to help drivers stay focused on the road. Siri, Photos, the Camera app, and more are also gaining new features and refinements.

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ARKit for developers will bring a range of new augmented reality apps and games to iOS devices, and a new Core ML SDK will let developers build smarter apps. iOS 11 is also the biggest update ever for the iPad, with a new Dock that introduces much improved multitasking, a Files app for better managing files, improved Apple Pencil support, a revamped App Switcher, and a system-wide drag and drop feature.

iOS 11 is available for both registered developers and public beta testers and will be released to the public in September alongside new iPhones. We are getting closer to the end of the beta testing process and should see a golden master release candidate soon.

For complete details on all of the new features included in iOS 11, make sure to check out our extensive iOS 11 roundup.

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31 months ago

You know the drill boys :)

check for safari snappiness understood
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31 months ago

Likely golden master (GM) now.

Event soon - six days!

No, this is definitely not the GM. Apple never releases a GM before the iPhone event. A GM is intended to be the exact same version as the final release going out to the public and serves the purpose to allow developers to test their apps on that version ahead of its release to make sure everything is working fine.

It would make no sense for Apple to release the GM ahead of the event, since it would reveal everything about the new iPhones. For instance, the final version would have to include stuff like iPhone 8 glyphs for the devices section in the iCloud settings and the Find my iPhone app or strings revealing the naming scheme of the new iPhones. If you dug in deeper into the code, you would likely find everything there is to know about every single feature. Also, because its main purpose is developer testing, a GM release wouldn’t make any sense if it wasn’t accompanied by an Xcode GM, which would obviously have to contain an iPhone 8 Simulator. This is clearly something Apple wouldn’t want to do, especially after the huge HomePod leak.
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31 months ago
Apple Seeds Seventy-Ninth Beta of iOS 11 to Developers and Public Beta Testers
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31 months ago

Is this beta ok as a daily driver?

The last 2-3 betas have been good enough for daily drivers, in my opinion.
Rating: 14 Votes
31 months ago

Pretty sure it's still the same weight.

I'm not sure. Pretty certain both my iPad and my iPhone feel heavier now as well. I may have to delete some apps to avoid arm strain.
Rating: 11 Votes
31 months ago
Can't wait for the Photoshop font hue comparisons on EverythingApplePro.
Rating: 10 Votes
31 months ago

Is Control Center still hideous?

What's hideous about it?
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31 months ago

Where is iOS 11 GM? Only 6 days left. . .

in 6 days
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31 months ago
Feel free to skip ahead to the next post, I’m just grumpy and seriously overdue a rant about something on here :p

Why is it every year when we enter the beta phase, we put our silly hats on, throw our common sense out of the window and forget everything we’ve learned from the past.

I mean all, or let’s say most, of the complaints are usually down to the fact that it is a beta release and not everything is in place.

The following are always true, certainly they have been in my 8 years or so of using the iOS betas and 20 odd years of product testing.

It’s a beta, there’s debug code running that will affect performance to varying degrees and in different places.

Some of the changes are temporary, surprisingly Apple don’t want all and sundry to see every single thing they have planned until it’s time to do so.

Some new features aren’t fully implemented yet, same reason as before.

Some aspects of the OS aren’t available at all to us yet, they’re still and until it’s time, will remain in internal testing.

Some aspects of the OS are being designed with the new devices in mind as much as they are the old devices. Some things will always work better on the soon to be released hardware than they will on current or older generations. Some may not work on current or older hardware at all.

Some of the problems with X app are because it’s a beta OS and apps haven’t been updated to comply with the changes.

Sometimes there are unforeseen problems, by their very nature they will take time to debug, fix and test before we get our grubby little hands on the fixes.

And of course, some of us just like to complain and proclaim doom over something we haven’t even seen in its completed state yet ;)

None of which changes the fact that it can be fun to try and second guess Apple and what they have planned. Or that next year, we’ll go through the exact same scenarios, questions and complaints all over again. So pay no attention to the grumpy, caffeine deprived old man in the corner.

Ahhhhhh, it’s nice to get a rant out of my system :p Now to work on grumpy, coffee machine on, Red Bull in hand, morphine, yeah this’ll do it :D
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31 months ago

check for safari snappiness understood

Surfari performance is OFF THE CHARTS!!! [points at chart with no data labels]
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