Apple Seeds Seventh Beta of iOS 10.3 to Developers and Public Beta Testers

Apple today seeded the seventh beta of an upcoming iOS 10.3 update to developers, just three days after seeding the sixth beta of iOS 10.3 and three months after the release of iOS 10.2, the last major update to the iOS 10 operating system.

Registered developers can download the seventh iOS 10.3 beta from the Apple Developer Center or over-the-air with the proper configuration profile installed.

iOS 10.3 is a major update, introducing significant new features and changes to the iOS 10 operating system. The biggest consumer-facing feature in iOS 10.3 is "Find My AirPods," which is designed to help AirPods owners locate a lost earphone. Find My AirPods records the last known location of when an AirPod was connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth and can play a sound on a lost AirPod.

Apple's latest update also introduces a new Apple File System (APFS), installed when an iOS device is updated to iOS 10.3. APFS is optimized for flash/SSD storage and includes features like strong encryption.

Apple plans to introduce some App Store changes in iOS 10.3, allowing developers to respond to customer reviews for the first time. iOS users are also able to label reviews in the App Store as "Helpful" or "Not Helpful," which should help surface the most relevant review content.

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Apple also plans to limit the number of times developers can ask for a review, allow customers to leave app reviews without exiting an app, and provide a "master switch" that will let users turn off all app review request prompts.

Also new in iOS 10.3 is a redesigned app open/close animation, an Apple ID profile in Settings, a better breakdown of iCloud storage usage, warnings about outdated apps that won't work with future versions of iOS, HomeKit support for programmable light switches, improvements to SiriKit (bill paying, bill status, and scheduling future rides), CarPlay interface improvements, iCloud analytics options, and more.

For the last few betas, there have been no additional features discovered as Apple focuses instead on bug fixes and refinements ahead of a public release. We are likely nearing the end of the beta testing period, with a release expected in the near future.

Update: The seventh beta is also available for members of Apple's public beta testing program.

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37 months ago
I think that that the final will be out next week.
Rating: 13 Votes
37 months ago

So far beta 7 is much slower than beta 6 :( beta 6 was lightning fast at opening apps and closing them beta 7 seems much slower wow didnt expect a down grade

Love posts like these. Let's judge a beta shortly after installing it...
Rating: 7 Votes
37 months ago
I might be in the minority but I love as many betas as possible.

More ovaltine please!
Rating: 7 Votes
37 months ago
Burning thru betas
Trundling down the line
Next week come new iPads
I'm feeling fine!

iPhone 6s: 442MB
Rating: 6 Votes
37 months ago
Considering that this will change the file system, a large number of betas is good for the final product.
Rating: 5 Votes
37 months ago
Hm. Hoping for better my battery. No joke. Beta 5 was much better.

And we've had more updates in the past couple of weeks than Android have in one year! Love it.
Rating: 5 Votes
37 months ago
i hope the power drain I experienced on the last build is rectified. All the rest of the betas I had normal drain.

I'll be doing a clean install on public release
Rating: 4 Votes
37 months ago

Do you have wifi assist turned on? It switch to cellular data if wifi is bad...

I wish this feature worked better. It can detect a weak wifi signal and use cellular in that situation, but it doesn't use cellular in cases where the WiFi signal is strong but the backhaul network is garbage. This happens a lot when you end up on those "XfinityWifi" access points; some of them work great but others couldn't get a packet out if your life depended on it; in those situations Wifi assist should kick in.
Rating: 4 Votes
37 months ago
I am not even kidding, i hope it fixes the battery drain i experience on my 6, 7 Plus and Air 2
Rating: 3 Votes
37 months ago

Anyone know how to get that wallpaper?

Original and one formatted.

Rating: 2 Votes

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