Apple Launches Repair Program for iPhone 6s Devices Experiencing Unexpected Shutdowns

Apple today launched a new repair program for iPhone 6s users whose devices may be unexpectedly shutting down. The issue is a limited one only affecting certain devices manufactured between September and October 2015.

Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down. This is not a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015.

If you have experienced this issue, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have your device's serial number checked to confirm eligibility for a battery replacement, free of charge.
Apple's resolution for the issue is to replace the device's battery free of charge, although Apple notes that if there are other problems with a user's device such as a cracked screen that could impair the battery replacement procedure, those issues must be repaired for a fee before the battery issue can be addressed.

Users who previously paid to have their batteries replaced for this issue can contact Apple to request refunds.

Just three days ago, Apple launched a repair program for iPhone 6 Plus owners whose devices are experiencing so-called "Touch Disease" where users may see display flickering or a loss of touch sensitivity. That program carries a $149 repair fee, as Apple says the issue is caused at least in part by the device having been "dropped multiple times on a hard surface."

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42 months ago

Many Apple devices after Cook took over and quality control went to hell: There's a repair program for it.™

We can go as far as the Cube by Steve Jobs, where it suffers many quality issues, including cracking of the case and overheating. There are numerous overheating issues on Macs as well, especially the first Macbook Air. Then there are iPods and iPod nano that can be scratched when you take them out of the box, buzzing issues on nano 2nd gen, etc etc.

These are all mass produced devices. The key is in handling problems when they came up. Take the iPhone 5 battery replacement program. Apple set the program to cover 3 years from the release of the product (same with this). This is extremely generous. Most other companies only allow very limited window for consumers to take part of whatever repair program.
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42 months ago
Also as a followup post I feel compelled to say that the last time I was in the Apple store to talk with a "genius" (2 of them at the genius bar in Tyson's Corner had the old genius logo tattooed on their arms - wtf weird) it was one of the worst retail experiences I've had in my entire life. The whole store was a zoo, people screaming at staff, I waited for 45 minutes until they saw me despite having an appointment.. While I waited an additional 2 hours for my phone screen to be replaced I wandered around the mall feeling terrible about the whole Apple experience. I walked by the MS store which used to be a joke, and it was packed with people - playing games, awesome demos, lots of VR stuff, tons of people buying things and having fun. That MS store used to be an absolute ghost town..

This experience was right after the iPhone 7 was announced. I was so disgusted that I walked around to carrier stores looking at android devices and researching them. Long story short is that I ended up getting an S7 Edge as a result of this whole experience, only time I've strayed from Apple since my first iPhone (3G) - and it's been awesome. Say what you will about "exploding phone lol" but practically everything on that phone beats the iPhone, INCLUDING Android. For the past 8 years I would have laughed at someone who said that to me, but it is now true. What's funny is that all the rumors for iPhone 8 "just wait another year" are things already on the S7 Edge - OLED screen, wraparound screen, glass front and back, etc...

Apple kills it with MacBooks, and iOS has great trackpad support, but the clock is ticking there too honestly. Give the surface books a couple of revisions and MS might do it. I had preordered a MBP 15" but ended up feeling sick about it every day, hating all the news coming out, and I ended up buying a (another, used to have one) MBP 15" from 2012 for $850 in brand new condition. Saved $1600 and feeling great. I told my friends and found out that every single one of them canceled their preorders - either a day or so after launch, or when any of the various pieces of news came out

I really do hate to be all "MAC DOOMERS" here but I just had to get this off my chest
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42 months ago
Many Apple devices after Cook took over and quality control went to hell: There's a repair program for it.™
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42 months ago
Time for the repair program for Tim and Phil's brains. #BringBackMacProTower
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42 months ago

Am I the only one who remembers when Apple stood for quality and stuff like this DIDN'T happen on a daily basis?

Yep. We used to pay a premium to get quality. Now, it seems like too often we're just paying a premium.
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42 months ago
The iPhone 6s has issues? Crazy, all the people here that were upset with the iPhone 7 said the 6s had no issues and was the perfect iPhone.
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42 months ago
I signed up for MR JUST to reply to this. This issue has affected me very noticeably for the past 6-8 months, and has started affecting my wife as well about 3 months ago. Today my phone shut down with 23% battery. Charged it. Took it off charger. Died at 21% battery. In the past I've had it shut down with as much as 37%. THIRTY SEVEN PERCENT. I've told Apple in the store before when I was in for other things and they just gave me BS.

So here's why I'm so mad - I'm talking with their chat now, and I gave them my serial etc. They told me I need to take the phones in to a store in person.

Me: (Give serial #'s etc, explain no Apple store near me, etc)
Chat: If you have experienced this issue, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have your device's serial number checked to confirm eligibility for a battery replacement, free of charge. Lets see if we could find a service facility close by. What is your postal code?
Me: Look - is my serial number affected or not?
Chat: I can definitely provide basic troubleshooting with the battery. A tech will need to inspect the device to confirm it is eligible for the service.

UPDATE: I've been talking to support for literally 80 minutes now, and the ultimate resolution is that 1) they refused repeatedly to tell me if my serials were affected, kept saying only allowed to check in-store (wtf), 2) they ran diagnostics that they said the store will run and it said my phone passed with no unexpected shut downs.

I give this info because: 1) don't even bother talking to them unless you're taking the phone in, and 2) I have had a problem with my phone as described above where it shuts off when claiming FAR higher than 0% battery (up to 37%), and their diagnostics said I'm not affected, so you may be wasting your time going in person

I'm already selling my phone, and this is just yet another data point in figuring out what we do with my wife who has this problem and many more and has become disgusted with Apple

UPDATE: After chatting at great length with them I ended up getting Genius Bar appointments. However they made an exception that "any necessary actions not covered by the recall" would be covered at no cost. The implication here through our chat was that only a very few phones are covered by this program, and anyone else with problems like I described would be subject to standard warranty clause. And if you got your iPhone 6S at launch, your year of warranty is up. So... good luck guys
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42 months ago
they seem to have forgotten the part where they blame the customer and charge a fee....
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42 months ago
Wow, 2016.

Many Apple devices after Cook took over got quality control went to hell: There's a repair program for it.™

And pay $150s.. as extra.

Tim Cook is innovating Profits.
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42 months ago



I smell class action

I smell you didn't read the article and fast forwarded to a dollar sign to criticize.
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