Apple Rumored to Be Debuting iMessage for Android at WWDC
Jun 9, 2016 3:48 pm PDT by Juli Clover
Apple is planning to announce an iMessage app for Android users at WWDC, according to a report from MacDailyNews citing sources "familiar with the company's thinking."
Apple will announce that iMessage encrypted text messaging is coming to Android users at WWDC next Monday at WWDC 2016, according to a source familiar with the company's thinking. [...]

Apple is increasingly focused on services which means opening up certain avenues beyond its own iOS and OS X platforms, the source says. The company release Apple Music for Android last November.
Google recently announced a new messaging app called "Allo," which will be available on both Android and iOS devices. Allo integrates with a user's phone number and includes features like a built-in Google assistant that offers up proactive suggestions, resizable message bubbles, emoji, stickers, smart replies, mini games, an Incognito mode with end-to-end encryption, and more.

With Google set to release a chat app on iOS, bringing iMessage to Android could potentially be Apple's response. Apple has previously released three apps on Android, including Apple Music, Move to iOS for transitioning from an Android device to an iPhone, and Beats Pill*, for controlling the Beats Pill speaker. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said Apple Music is Apple's way of testing the water ahead of bringing additional Apple services to other platforms.

The simplicity, convenience, and security of iMessage is one of the major perks of the iPhone, however, so it is unclear if Apple would want to expand such a key feature beyond its own devices.

MacDailyNews doesn't have a solid track record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple's plans, so today's report should be viewed with some skepticism. The site's source also suggests "plans are constantly in flux" ahead of keynotes so the release could be delayed, but iMessage is "definitely" coming to Android in 2016.

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33 months ago
geezus that was annoying to deal with green bubbles.
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33 months ago
I think iMessage (and hopefully FaceTime soon) cross platform could be big!!
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33 months ago

I hope this isn't true. iMessage is awesome and it should remain a flagship exclusive feature of iOS/OS X.

no. ABSOLUTELY wrong.

you know what's the number one thing I hate about imessage?
when you select an android user and send a message "Hey where are you? waiting in front of store...". then he doesn't respond for 5-10 minutes. then you realize it got sent to their iPad instead of their Android device.

then you have to figure out how to FORCE send as sms since the android phone number and imessage e-mail got lumped together into one contact.

there are also other problems, but they're too long to list here.
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33 months ago
I hope this isn't true. iMessage is awesome and it should remain a flagship exclusive feature of iOS/OS X.
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33 months ago

Huh, one of the reasons I stay with Apple is because of iMessage lol. love Apple and don't want to change, but the grass sure is looking really green over there...

If you like carrier-controlled updates, bloatware pre-installed, fragmented OS, derivative, non-polished inconsistent UI, and second rate apps released after their iOS counterparts, go ahead and get an Android phone.

iMessage is just the frosting on the cake for me. But I suppose if all you do is text, then any phone will do.
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33 months ago
Didn't Steve jobs say that FaceTime was meant to be open source?
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33 months ago
This is a main reason to own an iPhone. Seems like an odd move if true. What would Apple have to gain?
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33 months ago
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33 months ago
What a time to be alive. Maybe they'll integrate Facetime into as well.

EDIT: I wonder if they will integrate sending money as an option as well? Transfers to anyone with an account for 10¢.
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33 months ago
I wonder why this is not on the macrumors front page as it seems like a pretty big deal. Perhaps the source is not a reliable one.
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